Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Refashioned Pillowcase Dress for Little Momo

August is not my favorite month...the brutal heat gets me, and I just don't feel like doing anything.    I am taking things slightly easy, and definitely doing less cooking these days.  Momo is eating more sandwiches...luckily she is happy to eat sandwiches :)   I still want to sew, but I wanted a simple and easy project.  A pillowcase dress is probably the easiest dress ever.

And this dress could not have been easier, because I refashioned a woman's maxi skirt.  So there was no side seams or hemming to be done.  I feel like I cheated on sewing  ;)
I saw this pretty coral color maxi skirt at Target 2 years ago. I cannot remember the exact price, but it was on clearance and priced less than $10...I grabbed one for myself, and then grabbed another for Momo.    Yes, I was thinking of this refashion for 2 years...and finally getting it done!
The skirt top was chopped, lining was added and I made the casing between the main fabric and the lining.  The neckline sash is made of soft knit, a remnant I had.
I liked the flow-y A-shape of the pillowcase dress, but Momo did not...I guess I should know it by now, that Momo does not like A-line shape.  Somehow she does not consider A-line dress as a dress. So I styled her with a store-bought belt to give it a shape.   Then Momo was happy...her exact words, "MUCH better!"
The other things that made Momo happy were those flower clips.   The flower clips are her favorite dress-up toys right now.  She likes to cover up her head with as many flower clips as she can put on, and calls it her flower crown ;o
 I buy those artificial flowers at craft stores when they are on sale.  I try to choose flower shapes that are easy to glue on to hair clips, and sometimes add rhinestones for the sparkle.
I had to get this project done, because who knows?  Next year Momo may refuse to wear Mommy and Me look... ;o

It amazes me how Momo is still full of energy despite the heat we are experiencing.  Since it is so hot during the day, I had to wait till 8 PM to take her to a park to let her have some bubble fun time.    I prefer crafting at home or a trip to a bookstore, and Momo loves them too, but the kid has to have some outdoor summer fun...anything to let her burn some energy :)

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  1. It's so fun watching her style evolve. You can put all kinds of things on hair clips! Your flowers are lovely. Good refashion, Annie!

  2. I am so impressed,your styles are so much fun! The mommy and me phase does disappear pretty quickly, but you guys look great and you really coordinate more than you match, so you may get milage out of it! Great color and I'm with you, the heat stinks!

  3. Pillow case dresses are always a good choice. That color is amazing! And I love the photos too :)

  4. What a lovely dress, I love little Momo's hair too, my daughter would love this :)

  5. So so cute. I love it with the belt too. Good choice Momo!

  6. Such a pretty color. Great dress! Thanks for sharing at the Submarine Sunday Link Party!

  7. Love the gorgeous colour, Annie. I remember my daughter went through a stage of adding a belt to all her dresses, even her school uniform.



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