Monday, December 14, 2015

Gingerbread Girl Dress for Little Momo

Christmas is almost here!  To celebrate this wonderful season, let me share this little gingerbread girl...

It is no secret that Momo and I enjoy costumes...  This was just another fun idea that came to me and could not resist.  Momo started kindergarten this yea,r and at school she was introduced to "gingerbread" books, such as The Gingerbread Man, The Gingerbread Girl, and The Gingerbread Bear. She loves them all, and I thought she may be interested in being one.  The look of the Gingerbread Girl from the book was not going to be easy to replicate... so I went with more generic gingerbread girl look.  
I made a summer dress like dress, so that Momo could wear different shirt inside.  A day in December in Texas could be warm or cold... this way Momo can wear short sleeves or long sleeves shirt.  Also I wanted an option to change the look, by changing the shirt color.
Here Momo is wearing a white peasant  knit shirt I made.  I used shirrings around neck and on sleeves.
I drafted the dress bodice to fit Momo with room to grow, but again I made it a little too big.   I hope Momo will still like to play dress up next year ;)  
I sewed on Jumbo RicRac to mimic the icing.  I could not find giant candy shaped buttons at the stores, so made those by cutting up the candy print fabric from HobbyLobby and making fabric covered buttons.  
I also made those candy piping using the holiday print fabric from Jo-Ann.  
The main fabric is Kona cotton.  I tried to avoid using 100% cotton to avoid ironing, but other choices I could find at stores were special occasion fabric that I felt awkward to add RicRac on, or suede like fabric that would have been too heavy for full skirt. 
I also made an underskirt to add the volume.  It is a simple gathered skirt  with ruffled net sewed on around the hem.
On the back I used flat plastic buttons instead of the fabric covered buttons, because those should be more comfortable for Momo when she sits or lays down.

So I realized my last post was for Halloween...  Over the last few years I have seen some bloggers I was following stopped blogging, and now I can see how that happens.  The busy real life just takes over, and unless you are blogging as business, it just becomes hard to keep up.   I don't think I am going to give up blogging completely yet, but I do have less free time now.  And this past month has been especially tough on us, as we have been dealing with some Momo's issues at school.  This little blog is supposed to be my happy space, so I am not going to talk about much about anything negative in real life.   But there were things that were done to Momo, and things Momo has done. We have been working to find solutions and also been talking a lot to Momo.  We are still working on the issues... and meantime, we had to put hold on some fun things to do.  Things like...
building a gingerbread house!
I am hoping we will have a happy merry Christmas.  And Wishing you all will too!

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  1. So nice to hear from you! Sorry to hear about those problems, let's hope everything will be ok soon.

    About the dress... It's so beautiful and lots of fun at the same time, I just love it!! I'm sure my youngest would love a dress like that, I have to remember this in a year and maybe make one!

    Merry Christmas to you Annie!

  2. Nice to read you again! Looove this costume, as always :)))
    Starting kindergarten can be very stressfull, so don't be surprised if it is not as perfect as you wish for her, new people, new rules, new surrundings... no wonder. Everything will pass by, just give it some time. kids are super flexible, more then we are :)
    you know I have 3 kids myself and I talk a lot with them. my husband once said - if they remember or process or hear (at least) 10% of all - mission acomplished!!

  3. I absolutely love this dress Annie!! I've taken small steps away from my blog too, I usually have to slow down this time of year. sorry to hear about the stress! Trust me when I tell you, you aren't alone! Most of us have had had to deal with school issues. Back to the dress though...absolutely precious for a sweet little girl.

  4. You nailed it, Annie!!! The ric rac icing and the candy buttons are just perfect. Hope you have a wonderful, stress free Christmas!!!



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