Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Baymax Dress for Little Momo

It is time to sew-along for Project Run and Play!  This week's theme is Cosplay Challenge.  If you know me...you know I would not miss this fun challenge ;)  But here is a surprise...no, I did not sew a princess dress!  I  made a dress based on the robot Baymax, from Big Hero 6!

Big Hero 6 is one of Momo's and my favorite movies.  We did not see it in the theater, but I got the DVD/Blu-ray as soon as it came out.  And we were hooked...especially Momo. We let her watch movies on weekends if she has been a good girl for the whole week.  And she insisted on watching Big Hero 6 on every weekend for 3 months straight... I thought I saw the end to her princess stage ;D  I believe Momo had a crash on the Hamada brothers...she used to say Tadashi (the older brother) was so handsome...though she denies saying so now ;)
So I had this idea of making the Baymax dress for a while.  I sewed a fleece Belinda Dress about a year ago, and knew it would be perfect as the Baymax dress.  I wanted that extra volume and cozy feel of fleece, so had to wait for the colder season.   And when the winter finally came...I was too busy to sew it.  But the PR&P's sew-along motivated me to finally getting this project done.  I knew I was going to be busy this week, so finished it on Saturday night...with no sleep.  But it does feel good to get a "to-sew" project done!
I could not find micro fleece in white, so got regular fleece that is not too thick.  I used gray scrap fleece to add appliques with zigzag stitches.  I thought about changing the circle design on the chest to something else, maybe a heart, to make this not too costume-y.  But then I knew Momo would not approve that it is a Baymax dress.  After all, it is Momo who wears my creation, so I try to make something she would like.
While Momo loves Baymax, I really was not sure how she would like this dress...because this dress design is not Momo's favorite.  I think the cocoon dress look is so adorable on her, but Momo disagrees.  She does not like to look like a giant pumpkin ;o  But I gambled...and the result is...well, still uncertain.  Momo enjoyed being Baymax for this photoshoot, but I doubt she will wear the dress to outside.  I will be happy if she wears it as a play dress at home, or as nightgown :)
So this is Belinda Dress in size 5T, with 3 inches added to the length (1 inch to the bodice, and 2 to the skirt).  I skipped the pocket option.

I also made the simple fleece hat, but the fit is not quite right.  It is good enough for a dress-up play, but if Momo wants to wear it to outside, I will need to make a new one with better fit.  

Momo already owned a pair of store-bought white fleece leggings, so I did not make those.

I can fly!
I also know Karate!

So here is my huggable Baymax, cute little (giant) pumpkin.  I just want to hug her and hug her, but she does not see how cute she looks.  I fail to see, how she fails to see, that she is so cute!!!  I am screaming like Hiro...you would know if you have seen the movie ;)

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  1. Beautiful an fun dress! Such lovely photos!
    Have a nice week!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  2. Oh I love this!! My daughter loves Big Hero 6 too. I love your dress interpretation!! Brilliant!!

  3. Yes! I love it! When I saw the Baymax thumbnail, somehow I knew it was you even though it's not your typical type of character :) This looks so cute and snuggly--I love the pumpkin look on her.

  4. I don't know the movie but I sure love this outfit. White always looks good on kids, I just can't help it :). That dress must be so soft and comfortable , it's a perfect play dress!

  5. I agree- that shape is adorable on her! And nice and warm. If it's long enough, you could take off the bottom band next year and have a Baymax tunic. By then she might not like the flowy skirt-little girls change their minds constantly:) Very pretty sew, it was worth losing the sleep!

  6. Love Baymax and your interpretation!

  7. Love Baymax and your interpretation!

  8. The hat is the max, great inspiration!

  9. She looks so adorable! The dress looks so soft, and I bet it will keep her nice and warm on a cold day.

  10. Looks so comfortable and super sweet :)

  11. I just recently watched this movie! You did a great job!
    LOVE it.

  12. This is really wonderful. I hope she can get some use out of it! :)

  13. So sweet, you are very Creative Annie :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays, pinned :)



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