Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cinderella Ella Dress for Little Momo

 It is week #4, Signature style week for Project Run and Play.  What this means for Momo and means Momo is getting a new princess dress :)  I guess this is our "thing" until Momo grows out of her princess stage.
I hoped to join PR&P week #3 glitter challenge, but missed it.  Momo loves anything with sparkles and I am pretty sure she would have loved anything I make, but I just did not have a concrete idea and time to experiment.  This is a pretty busy time of the year for us, and we have had events non-stop since the end of January...Mardi Gras, Lunar New Year, Valentine, a birthday celebration...and then Rodeo is up next.  I have been running around, planning, and making something every week, Honestly I am starting to feel burned out.  But I really did not want to miss this challenge...I planed to make this dress last year but did not.  If I don't push myself now, it was never going to get done.
If you have seen the live-action version of Cinderella movie, you know the movie is about the DRESS!  Momo and I watched it in the theater, and as I was walking out of the theater, I was thinking to make the dress for Momo...of course it could not be an exact replica, that is just not possible.  But I just hoped to make something Momo would approve ;)
So I had the idea and bought the fabrics last year.  When I saw a blue organza at Hancock Fabrics, I thought I was so lucky.  The color was perfect and sparkly, and price was perfectly cheap :)  It was so lightweight, I thought I could add multiple layers along with tulle to add some volume to the skirt!  ...That was the idea until I actually worked with that organza, and found it was a nightmare to work with!  It did not lay flat, so I could not cut it straight.  It frayed like crazy, and it was falling apart as I tried to hem!  I spent hours and hours trying to hem it, and eventually gave up.  I kept re-cutting, and the cut piece was getting shorter and shorter.  I still did not want to give up on making the dress...the base was made with stretch satin and there was no problems there.  Then I went to Jo-Ann and saw this another blue organza.  While it was not as sparkly or flow-y as the other one, the color was a good match (the color does look a lot lighter in the outdoor photos).  And it was a lot sturdier and I thought it could handle Momo's abuse better ;o   So I got this new organza, but did not want to try hemming again...  What did I do?  I cheated ;p
To eliminate the need to hem at the bottom, I folded the fabric in half, and gathered the raw edges together at the top.  I was not going to put myself through the trouble again.  I better make a note to myself that never to try to hem organza ;p
But this means I had to make a change, and I decided not to add tulle.  I just felt wired adding tulle layers underneath.
The dress bodice is from Secret Garden Dress pattern. I have used it here and here before, and knew Momo could wear it on and off without a need of a zipper thanks to the deep open back.  That was important, so that she could wear this anytime on her own to play dress-up.  The skirt is a simple gathered skirt.
I cut another piece of organza longer than the whole neckline, and made it into a infinity-loop like scarf.  Then sewed it down around the neckline at 4 points, front and back centers and shoulders.
Those butterflies are from floral section of the craft stores.  I thought they looked more realistic and better than the ones I could make with fabric or ribbons.  They came with tiny clips with sharp teeth, which could rip the delicate organza.  First I simply tried covering those mini clips with ribbons, but then those clips did not hold on to the dress well.  So I took those tiny clips off and replaced it with larger ones.
I did ask Momo to wear an underskirt for this photo-shoot, to add  nice shape to the skirt.  It is a simple gathered skirt with ruffled nets.  I made it last year for this dress and it has been very useful since.
The dress has enough twirl power Momo loves...
Momo does approve the dress, and this purple-and-pink-loving-girl now claims blue is her favorite color ;)  She kept thanking me, and that kind of response makes it worth staying up all night to sew.
But I do have noticed Momo is spending less time playing dress-up these days.  I wonder if her princess days will be over soon. I hear girls outgrows them around age 6 to 7.  It always leaves me in mixed feelings when I notice she is growing!

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  1. Yay! Another Momo princess dress. I love seeing your work, and this is no exception. I've seen so many attempts at that dress, and yours is brilliantly playable and gorgeous. Well done.

  2. I'm in awe! I saw the movie and fell in love with that dress. Yours turned out amazing! I've never hemmed organize, I will probably avoid it forever:)

  3. Just beautiful, Annie. I love how you adapt and mix different patterns to get the look you are after. Clever idea to double the organzer, so no hemming was needed.

  4. You did a fantastic job on this dress! Definitely keep making her dresses while she wants them. My daughter stopped a few years ago, and will only take special occasion dresses every once in a while. I did make her a cosplay Elsa dress, though. :) That was fun! Oh, and yes, organza is the devil!

  5. I love this, I think once again you have succeed making a princess dress, you are a true master in this area! It looks beautiful both front and back, well done!!

  6. Beautiful fabric, Annie. Great color. Another masterpiece!

  7. Such a pretty dress Annie, you did a great job here :):)

    Thanks for stopping by Creative Mondays..

  8. Sweet princess with such a beautiful dress!
    Have a happy day!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft



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