Monday, April 11, 2016

Strawberry Garden Dress for Little Momo

It is true...time passes faster as you grow older.  I am having a hard time accepting it's April already. But I know it is...because Momo has been telling me April Fool's jokes everyday since the 1st.  And her jokes are pretty bad...they are like, "There is a monster on your head!" or "There is a monkey behind you!"  No, Momo, the monkey is right in front of me, telling me the joke ;)
Anyway before the summer is officially here, I wanted to get this spring dress done.  Momo should be able to wear it in the summer too, but this strawberry prints screams "spring" to me.

Momo picked this wild strawberry print fabric out of my stash.  That was few weeks just took me some time to decide what to do with it.  It's a light-weight twill-like fabric.  I got this fabric from Japan a while ago, and at that time I was thinking of something extra girl-y with ruffles and lace, but that no longer seemed like a good idea.
I did not want to make a full gathered skirt with twill fabric, even though it is light-weight.  But the dress still needed to be twirly and sweet to please this picky girl.  I went through the books and patterns I have, took my time because I did not want to waste the fabric.  Finally I chose the Secret Garden Dress pattern, and made the simple version without the flounce.   I thought the flounce would make the dress a bit too heavy, and would limit the days Momo can wear the dress.
The Secret Garden Dress's deep-V back is there.  It is more wide open than I would like, but I kept it as is because that lets Momo dress herself.  I installed the side zipper on this dress just in case, but just like the previous Secret Garden dresses I made, Momo currently does not need to use the zipper to wear on/off this dress.
The dress is size 4T with 1 inch added to the bodice.  The skirt was made with size 7 length.  The skirt is not a full circle skirt, but has enough twirly power to please Momo.
Maybe it's the fabric, or maybe it's the extra length I added...the dress sometimes show the unflattering wrinkles in places.  I did not notice this when I made the dress with flounces.  I think it did not look too bad in person,  and am guessing it's only apparent because I was going through the photos that show Momo's various moves.  She was showing me the new dance moves she learned at school...
Overall it's a cute dress and Momo feels like a strawberry princess in it.  Size 4T still gives Momo rooms to grow, and she seems very comfortable in it.

Momo has picked another fabric out of my stash, but I am going to need time again to decide the best pattern to go with it.   Meanwhile, Momo has this new strawberry dress and plenty of other dresses she can wear ;)

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  1. oh, annie! great fabric, great pattern, great dress. I wish I was her age, again, and wear dresses like this one.

  2. Gorgeous strawberry fabric, Annie, and the dress hangs beautifully.

  3. What a perfect dress. I love the delicate, almost vintage strawberry print! It's timeless. Too bad they grow:)

  4. I agree with everyone Annie, great dress, pattern, fabric. So lovely :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays



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