Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hearts Gauze Dress for Little Momo

Here I am back at sewing and blogging again :)
Over the years I have seen some bloggers I enjoyed following disappeared without any notices, and I understood the lives could get busy and blogging would be left behind.  But now I REALLY understand...kid grows and they actually requires more of your time,  There is always something to deal with, whether it's a crazy weather, people, job issues, or anything else.  Your hobby, sewing, crafting, or blogging take hit.  And once you stop, it's hard to come back.  
But I'm glad KCW was there to push me to sew...it reminded me that I love to sew!  I have been tired and feeling too lazy to sew, but it felt good to make something, and felt even better to see my little girl loving it!

Momo picked this hearts print double gauze out of my stash, and that was over a month ago.  I was a bit surprised, as it is not pink or purple.  But of course Momo wanted this...she loves heart shape.  She loves to draw, and always draws hearts on everything!
And it is a great choice, double gauze is a perfect fabric for summer wear we need now!

Since the double gauze feels great to skin, I wanted a design that did not require lining.  And I only had 1M of it...I knew I was not able to give Momo the usual twirly dress.  I spent good amount of time going through the patterns, and finally decided on: Butterfly Dress - Sewing In No Mans Land.  It's a free pattern I got for signing up the newsletter for Sew What Club.

The pattern is a renewal version, and I actually made the same dress 4 years ago.
At that time I created this one, there was a great detailed tutorial, but no pattern pieces to go with it.  I had to draft it myself, and did not do a good job.  I was disappointed the sleeves did not turn out flappy as I wanted, and the fit was also not great.  I made this test dress and let Momo wore only once to blackberry picking.
Now with the new updated pattern, I made size 4T with added length. You can see the sleeve design has been updated.

As I was sewing I felt the dress seemed too big on Momo, so I trimmed the sides a little.  But it was not necessary as the dress is worn with a belt.
The button loop opening has been moved to the back.  I chose a little red heart shaped button to go with the fabric print.

I do feel like this dress looks a bit like a pajama.. because of our fabric choice.  Maybe I should make the dress shorter and that will  help it look less pajama-like?

Does everyone has summer plans?   Momo will be out of school soon and we are expecting a busy summer.   I may not be sewing as many dresses for Momo as I would like, but that is okay...she has grown a little taller but not wider, so she has not outgrown many of her clothes.  But I hope to find time to keep on creating, especially with Momo.  And I hope to finish one more dress this week before the summer begins!

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  1. She looks so grown up now, Annie. The dress is lovely. I don't think it is at all pyjama like. It's a good design for a little girl who is no longer a toddler.

  2. So nice to hear from you :). That dress is really lovely. I have no specific summer plans, I hope the weather will be nice and warm. Just looking forward to spend some family time together and sew/crochet/embroider every now and then something little :)

  3. Moms is getting so big!! We've got to stop the growing. Let me know if you figure out how. I love this dress- it does t look like Jammie's to me either (I agree with Pam.) it's very on trend and something I'd see in shops. Great dress!

  4. How do we stop them from growing? Your precious girl looks darling in her new dress. It does not look pajama-like to me. It looks airy and comfy, perfect for summer time shenanigans :)



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