Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sparkly Fawn Lily Dress for Little Momo

Here is another dress I created during KCW.  There were some mishaps sewing this one, but I got it done!

I sewed Fawn Lily Dress for the first time.  I have had the pattern for a while, and have been meaning to try it.  The curve design in the front bodice is beautiful, and I love how the piping makes it stand out.
I picked this lilac flower print with gold accent out from my stash,  Momo loves anything that sparkles, so I was hoping she would love this one.  Then I got the gold dots print from Hobby Lobby to go with it.
Normally I prefer longer dress for Momo, but I only had 1 yard of this main fabric.  I cut the skirt pieces as long as I could out of 1 yard, and ended up above-the knee length.  

I made crossover yoke, pleated sleeves, and gathered skirt option. 

I cut size 4T, and tried to add 1/2 inch length to the bodice all around.  But it ended up too wide on Momo.  The arm opening was just too wide open, and the front yokes had a bit of gap.
I could not do anything to the front bodice, but I took in the sides so the arm holes would not reveal too much.

Because of the unique design, lengthening or trimming the side of the bodice is not as simple.  I do love the design and love to sew it again, but need to figure out how to add length properly.
The way sleeves covers the yokes is smart, but I did not quite understand it at first.  I was doing simple bias tape option, and it was not simple, at least to me.  First try left me with yoke edges exposed.  I have seen several Fawn Lily dresses sewn by various people, and I have never seen anyone talking about this issue. In fact, everyone is praising the pattern and its clear instructions.  So this made me feel really stupid about myself...  :(  Looking at my pieces and flipping them around, I realized I had to place the yoke pieces in angle a bit.  
Also I thought the instructions on sewing the side seams and sleeves did not match, but again, no one else is complaining.  

It was not a smooth sewing, but I feel good about finally trying out this pattern.  As I said, I do love the design and want more of this dress if I could make it to fit Momo.  Momo seems to miss the twirl factor a little, but says she likes the dress.  

I made the orchid flower crown too.  I love how adorable little girls look with the flower crowns. I have made several for Momo but wanted a new one with summer feel.  Orchid is sold year-round and not just for summer, but it is a tropical flower and feels "summer" to me.  Momo has just 1 more week before her summer holidays begin.  We are so ready for some summer fun!

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  1. The dress turned out lovely still. beautiful fabric combo :) Fawn Lily was my first experience sewing the burrito method, and I stared at the instructions for three days unable to visualise what was supposed to happen. Three days! Then I just decided to go ahead and do it. Burrito method is my fave now. I can't comment on bias finish as I have not tried it. I just had a look through my post about this dress - I had the same issue with the side seams and the sleeves. I will see how I go next time. I am planning on making this dress for one or both of my girls to wear to their Auntie's wedding later this year :) I am glad Momo likes the dress. A little sparkle goes a long way :)

  2. Beautiful dress! I really like the sleeve detail. And the added piping is such a lovely touch!

  3. Beautiful dress! I really like the sleeve detail. And the added piping is such a lovely touch!

  4. That bodice design in simply stunning. Hope you can figure out the problems for next time. I love your fabric combo as well! Have a great summer!!

  5. The projects that seem confusing or give us pause are always the ones that seem to fine tune our sewing skills. The next one will be a breeze!! A gorgeous dress, for a beautiful girl!

  6. The curved bodice is lovely, Annie and the print on the fabric just gorgeous. When I can't make sense of a pattern, I always Google it, too. Just because all the reviews are positive, doesn't mean there were no problems. People have a tendency to gloss over problems, sometimes. Looks like Jenya had the same issues as you.



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