Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Yoko Inspired Outfit for Little Momo

It has been a while since my last post.  To be honest, it feels very wired writing a new post after being away for about 4 months.   But here I am, showing you the new outfit I created for little Momo...

Who is Yoko? You may have a different Yoko in mind ;)   But our Yoko is a little kitty from this book:
Momo's school does not have Halloween parade, but it has a book parade, in which kids dress-up as their favorite book characters.  Momo dressed up as Dorothy wearing this dress with a white T-shirt underneath to be school appropriate.  I suggested her to be Alice this year, since she already has this dress that is comfortable and school appropriate...the dress I made in 2014...and now it's a perfect fit for Momo  :o
But Momo did not want to...while she enjoy dressing up as Alice, Alice is not really her favorite book character.  We tossed around few ideas, and it came down to Fancy Nancy or Yoko.  I pushed the Yoko option, because I thought I could work the red and yellow colored outfit to Project Run and Play's week 2 "autumn" theme ;)  I know it will be officially fall this week, but we don't need or think about fall outfit for another 2 months.  I tried to be practical, and  made something Momo can wear now through the fall.

I wanted a cardi, that is something we need to keep one at school or in the car all the time.  I was not going to find a knit fabric in plum flower print like Yoko's, so I settled for a good quality red knit, and added a fabric flower as an accent.  I used Greenpoint Cardigan pattern, which I got in a pattern bundle and have been meaning to try.  I cut size 4 and added 2 inches to the length.  I found the fit was not as loose as I thought it would be on Momo, and had to skip on adding the buttons.   
Originally I was going to sew a classic style dress with collars like Yoko wears.  I had a really good "autumn" feel woven fabric in my mind too.  But I wanted to make sure Momo would wear the dress happily...and lately she prefers to wear only knits.  So I made a knit dress in happy yellow color.  The bodice is from Thea Dress pattern, but I replaced the pleated skirt with circle skirt, as I was afraid the pleats with ponte knit would add volume at the waist.  
 Circle skirt is guaranteed to make Momo happy :)
Here isa close-up of the Tsumami (Kanzashi) flower I added to the cardi.  I tried to mimic the plum flower like Yoko's jacket.  I was going to add more, but I am not sure if I like it.  So I added just one for now, and will see how well it will hold up or Momo likes it.

Felt Sushi Rolls

I adore Yoko...we own 3 books of Yoko series.  This little kitty gets teased at school for bringing sushi for lunch.  I don't pack sushi for Momo's bento lunch, but this is definitely something she can relate to.  Momo will be wearing a paper Yoko mask she made along with this outfit.  I'm hoping she will enjoy the book parade!

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  1. Beautiful warm colors and clean lines. Love it!

  2. Beautiful warm colors and clean lines. Love it!

  3. such a sweet outfit, and story to go with! I especially like the little flower :)

  4. It looks really comfortable, well done!

  5. I think most little girls prefer knit fabric clothes as they grow older, due to the freedom and comfort. A great outfit, Annie.

  6. Such a lovely outfit with two of my favourite colours! That flower detail is beautiful.

  7. Such inviting colors!! Love this look . . .

  8. Simply fantastic dress! I think I need one for me!

  9. I love the colors, and the outfit looks so comfy. Great project, Annie!!

  10. Lovely outfit Annie, such lovely colours together. Aww I had missed your posts. Glad to see you back. Your daughter is getting so tall now, I have been following along since she was a baby. Thanks for joining us at this weeks Creative Mondays blog hop...

    1. Thanks again for joining us last week, featured your post this week :)



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