Friday, October 7, 2016

Elena of Avalor Dress for Little Momo

Time flies and I can't believe it's October already!  It's almost Halloween and that means it's the time of the year when Momo gets a new princess dress :)  Momo's pick this year is...Elena of Avalor!  

Also it's the signature week at Project Run and Play.   I sew along for fun and I have always sewn princess dress for the signature week.  I was actually hoping to finish this last week for Halloween theme week, but I came down with a cold :(  So a princess dress for the signature week it is!  :)

If you are not a Disney fan like probably don't know who Elena is.  She is a new princess from a Disney TV series that started this summer.  

Since we don't watch TV much we have only seen 2 episodes so far, so I was a bit surprised at Momo's pick.  But it's not that surprising after all...she is a beautiful princess in a gorgeous red gown.  And new characters have fresh appeals.  Elena is courageous and seems to be a good role model, so I have no objection for Momo to dress up like her.
And when I looked at Elena, I immediately thought a simple peasant dress pattern would work.  I have been very busy lately, so not needing a time trying to figure out how to make the dress was great.   I made the bodice in a peasant dress style, and attached a circle skirt.  Elastic peasant dress is great for dress-up play, as Momo can wear on and off anytime she wants easily.

The red fabric is a stretch satin from Jo-Ann.  I like to use good, special occasion fabric for princess dresses...they look better, and feel much, much nicer than a cheap costume satin too.  Costume satin is perfect for one-time-wear costumes, but that is not the case for Momo and her princess dresses.  So I like to sew her a nicer dress.  But this stretch satin is a bit far Momo is not complaining ;)  I went with lighter satin for the inner skirt, and the pink fabric is very light-weight "silky" fabric also from Jo-Ann.

Normally a full gathered skirt would work well for a princess dress, but I chose circle skirt this time.  Looking at Elena, I can see her regular dress, as shown in the picture above, does not have a typical puffy princess skirt.  So I cut a circle as big as I could cut out of 60 in width fabric.  The length and its weight keeps the skirt down...
...yet it twirls beautifully when it needs to :)
The skirt is 2 layered circle skirt. I cut out the slit and attached ruffles all around on the top skirt.  The ruffle took a long time for me to finish...for this size of circle it felt like a never-ending ruffle ;o  I used serger for the ruffle piece and tried to gather too, but somehow that was not working.  I had to go back to adding the gathering stitch and manually adjusting the gathers to fit.  I am very slow, so that was another sleepless night!
Elena's dress has some kinds of pattern on the ruffles.  Of course I was not going to find the same or even similar patterned fabric. So I came up with lace-overlay.  I thought the dark pink and red lace would add enough interest to the dress.
 I did not have a good matching belt, so I made a sash with the leftover fabrics I had at home.  During this photo-shoot I noticed the sash does not stay in place.  I don't to want to sew it down as we may still find a good belt for this dress, so I think I will add a belt loop to the dress.
 The princess approves! :D

I am quite happy with how the dress turned out, and so is Momo.  But I'm a little sad that I will probably not be dressing up with her this Halloween, as dressing up as other characters from this show is not easy, and I do not have time to prepare.  I was going to keep the family dress-up until Momo is older and gets embarrassed to do so, but I 'm already seeing it ends...    But I am also happy to see my little girl still likes to play princess dress-ups.  I know this stage does not last forever and she is already 6, but seeing her dance in a princess dress assures me that she is still my little girl :)

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  1. So truly your signature style! My Elena wants one of these of course. Fabric choice is what's holding me back making one yet. I love your idea of the lace for the top ruffle. Solves that problem of the print by adding texture instead. Brilliant!

  2. I have to admit I haven't heard of Elea of Avalor, Annie - not up on the latest. The dress is gorgeous, though. You make the BEST princess dresses. Featured today.

  3. She,l always be your little girl:) what a gorgeous dress!!

  4. Aww wow, what a beautiful dress Annie, you have done a great jb here. It just looks like Elena's dress. Great sewing :):) Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

    1. Such a great dress Annie, you are one of my features again this week. Thanks for linking up :)

  5. Hi Annie, I always love your princess inspired sewing, and I see you havn't been posting on your blog lately. I therefore was wondering if you are on Instagram, but I could not find you. If you have a public account, I would love to follow you there.

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting! I have not had time to sew lately...our busy lives have taken all of my free time and energy. I have opened Instagram account while ago, but have not been using it. >_< I do think about sewing a spring dress...and if I do, you will see it here rather than on Instagram!



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