Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Minnie Mouse Dress for Little Momo

I checked, it has been 5 months since my last post.  The blogging break lasted longer than I ever planned.    Between work, family, DIY kitchen update I started and nowhere near finished, and never-ending everyday to-do list, I have not had much time for sewing or blogging.  I have done very few crafting and sewing projects, and actually thought about writing a post once...but couldn't...did not get around to take photos and also kind of felt funny blogging after being away for a while.  But what brought me back this time is...of course Project Run and Play!

The first week's theme is "It's All About That Place" this season.
It's no secret that Momo and I share the love for Disney...We started taking Disney trips when she turned 3,and have been having great time each time we do.  And one of the fun things we do for Disney trips is deciding what to wear.
I wanted something simple and comfortable for Momo to wear in the parks and beyond. I tried to get knit but could not find good dots prints at stores or online.  I was about to give up on Minnie dress idea, when I saw this cotton woven fabric in my stash that I had forgotten!  It's a medium weight cotton woven fabric, more wrinkle-resistant than quilting cotton.  Not quite "Minnie Dots," but the color is perfect.  I asked Momo if she wanted another Minnie Circle Skirt, but she wanted a dress.  I did not have enough to make a dress with twirly skirt and warned her, but she insisted on a dress.  So I used First Day Dress pattern, which is my go-to pattern for a basic dress.  I had to replace the skirt with gathered skirt because of the limited fabric I had.  
I made a T-shirt with puffy sleeves to go with the dress. It's a simple T-shirt with elastic thread shirring added to the sleeves.   
I don't think the T-shirt will get worn beyond parks, but I think the dress can go anywhere.  This may even be her Easter dress this year.

Posing as Gaston :)

Since Momo has grown, taking trips is much easier now.  I am re-discovering love for travel, and Momo loves to travel too.  In fact, she is easy-going and a great travel companion.  I would love to travel more and show her the world.  Bud Disney will always be a magical spot for us :)



  1. The polka dots are perfect!! So cute!

  2. Love the large polka dot fabric, Annie.

  3. This is a perfect dress to wear to the Magic Kingdom or any of the Disney Parks. I understand how Project Run and Play can inspire one to blog again. It has done the same thing for me!

  4. Great dress. I recentst made a Minnie mouse dress aswell for py girl 🙂



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