Monday, May 15, 2017

Poppy Summer Dress for Little Momo

Momo's new dress...Poppy Summer Dress!

I am sewing less these days.   Main reason is the lack of and everyday life consume my time, and there isn't much left for mommy's hobby time.   Another reason is that Momo doesn't wear dresses as often as used to.  She prefers to wear T-shirt and jeggings during the week, and I buy those at stores as they are cheaper to buy and I don't really have desires to sew them.    And since Momo is growing slowly, her clothes sometimes last 2 or 3 we are not in a need of new dresses.  But recently I got rid of several of her dresses, as some have gotten too short and some she rarely wore.  Summer break will start in few weeks and I had sewing itches, so it was time to sew a new summer dress!
Momo has gotten quite picky about her clothing.  She still loves dresses, but she has her opinions.  I don't want to spend all night sewing and find she does not like what I have made, so I had to consult her from the fabric choice to the design of the dress.  I picked out this poppy print seersucker-like fabric from my stash.  I got it from Jo-Ann few years ago, and I think it's poly-cotton blend.  I love the color and big retro-like floral print, and Momo approved ;)   I picked out some patterns and asked Momo to choose the dress design, and she chose McCall's M5838.
It's an old pattern I bought years ago.  It's seems to be out of print now.
I made the view B, gathered front and straps version.  
I told Momo skipping the waist band would make the sewing easier and quicker, but she wanted the waistband,  ;o  
The pattern only lists the finished garments sizes.  Those paper patterns usually run large, so I started with size 4 w/ added length,and adjusted the fit as I sewed.  So the bodice had to be made during the day, while Momo is awake!
I also made few other changes.
I did not have a short zipper in the right color, so changed to bottom closure.
I added more gathers to the skirt to make it fuller.  That is just what Momo likes.  
I also lengthened the skirt. That is just what I like on Momo.

It's not summer without some bubbly plays!
Momo loved wearing this dress and the flowers on her head.  But I won't know if she really loves the dress until the summer is over... I have learned Momo saying " I love it!!!" does not mean she loves to wear it.  I know and understand she prefer to wear comfortable knit.  But this fabric is light and wrinkle-resistant, I hope she enjoys to wear it.

While Momo will be wearing T-shirt and shorts most days during the summer, I think she could use few more summer dresses for weekend wear.  I am not in a mood for complicated, challenging sewing projects...but simple and quick summer dresses are just what I need to satisfy my sewing itches!


  1. Just adorable, Annie - love the fabric and the dress design. I can totally relate to kids having strong opinions on what they want to wear. No point sewing it if they're not going to wear an item.

  2. Beautiful dress. I love the colors as they compliment your daughters skin tone so well.
    Deborah @ Sew Much To Give

  3. Momo has great taste in fabric! I love the bubbles shots!

  4. hehehe sewing itches :) I can certainly relate to getting them! The dress is gorgeous. I am glad Momo insisted on the waistband, it is a lovely detail. I have not made anything without consulting my big girlie in years! It is a second nature now.



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