Thursday, August 10, 2017

Flowy Summer Dress for Me!

As sewing for Momo has slowed down, I wanted to sew something for myself.  But the brutal summer heat is getting to me, so I wanted something easy to sew and wear.

I sewed McCall's M6743.  The pattern seems to be out of print now, but I got it few years back. 

I also got the fabric a while ago too...can't remember exactly when, but at least three years ago from Jo-Ann. It's from a polyester, "silk-like" collection, I think.   I wanted to make a longer dress,but sadly I did not have enough fabric. As you can see from the first pic, the dress takes up quite a lot of fabric.  But the fabric is so light-weight,it almost feels like wearing nothing!
The back view is just about the same as the front view.  There is no buttons or a zipper.  Both front and back consist of 3 pieces of panels sewed together. So sewing was very straight-forward.  I probably spent more time cutting up the pieces, as I had just barely enough to cut all the pieces out, and had to be careful with the placement of the pattern pieces. Luckily it worked out, as the fabric print pattern is not directional.

I like halter top style and circular dresses, so I was pretty excited to sew this dress up.  But upon completion, I realized the dress is not very flattering on me :(   The color of the fabric did not help either...I felt like an giant potato in a sack ;o

So I wore it with a belt to add a shape.  I like loose fitting dresses, but with this dress I feel the belt makes it look a hundred times better.  And my little Momo agrees ;)

I feel a potential with this pattern though. I think opening up the arm holes a bit more would be better for me.  Also I would feel much more comfortable to wear it at longer length.

Momo was my photographer.  She has gotten much better at taking pictures.  But you know what happens when you put a 7 years old in charge of taking pictures.... she would have you pose in anyway she wants.

 She would make you touch the fountain...
...or point to the sky ;o

The school is starting soon here, and we are wrapping up our summer. But the heat will stay here for a lot longer!

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  1. Looking good, Annie!!! Your little photographer has done an awesome job.



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