Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Pink Bow Summer Dress for Little Momo

This is the third and the final summer dress for Momo this summer.  I actually finished sewing few weeks ago and, and Momo has worn it a couple of times since.  But I finally got the photos of it. 

It was one of those patterns that got on my to-sew list the first time I saw it...then took years to get it done ;o
The fabrics were also something I was hoarding for few years.  They are very light-weight cotton, I think voile, from Jo-Ann.  
The front big bow design is so adorable, and I also think those fabrics were just perfect for this dress.  I was afraid, however, that Momo may not like this kind of design or pink color if I delayed for one more year to sew this up.  So this had to be done this summer ;)  At this point Momo still likes girl-y things, so I hoped she would approve this pink dress...and she does!
The shoulder straps tie in the back, and the rows of shirring keeps the dress fitted.  I love shirring for the summer zipper or button holes to mess around, and easy to wear too!

Momo asked for longer skirt, so I cut it out as long as I could with the fabric I had.  

Besides tucking in the bodice side seams between the front and lining, I followed the instruction and it was overall easy sewing.  My only minor problems were due to user errors.  I shirred the back bodice too tight and that needed to be re-done.  Also the skirt and the bodice did not exactly match and I had to add gathering, though I should not have to to that to the back portion. 
The school is starting, and that means the summer is over.  But the heat will stay for few more months, so we still have plenty of time to get use out of the summer dresses!  

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