Monday, August 1, 2011

Pink Itty Bitty Baby Dress for Baby Momo

After creating pillowcase dress, I got ambitious and searched for more tutorials for baby dresses.  Then I found this very cute baby dress tutorial and free pattern: Itty Bitty Dress -Made By Rae

The dress is super cute and did not look easy to make at the first glance.  But as I read through the tutorials, the instructions made sense to me so I gave it a try.    I wanted a pink fabric with bold pattern.  I went to Jo-Ann and found the fabric I like it as skirt but not as the top of the dress.  So I went to another local fabric store and found gauze fabric in pink.  I am very happy with the result!

It looked like somthing was missing, so I added a fabric flower made with the same gauze fabric.   This time I followed Prudent Baby's fabric flower tutorial.  My fabric was little too thick for this type of flower, but I could not make anything else better, so for now this flower stays there.

Instead of cutting two pieces of fabric for the skirt, I used the entire width of the quilting cotton to make the skirt.  I used muslin fabric for the lining.  For my 18-month-old, 1/2 yard of fabric was more than enough for the skirt part.  Maybe next year, I will use more fabric to make fuller skirt.

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  1. Nice dress. Looking very cute and sweet. Thank you for sharing...........



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