Friday, August 19, 2011

Upcycled T-shirt Dress for Baby Momo

Never thought my old T-shirt can be turned into a dress for baby Momo, till I saw this tutorial: Toddler Ruffle Dress from Upcylced T-shirt -Vintage pollyanna
I had an old T-shirt I have not worn for years and it was about to be sent to the donation bin.  It was just the perfect T-shirt to try this tutorial.    Since it was bought many years ago when the women's T-shirt length was short, I was able to use the existing neckline and the bottom of the T-shirt!

And here is the dress...

I traced Momo's 18-month-old dress as the guide to cut the T-shirt.  The lines are not even, but I tell myself this dress was not meant to be measured perfectly :)
It was interesting to work with the stretchy T-shirt material.  I really liked that the fabric does not fray.  Also making the ruffles and rosettes with this fabric was easy.

A comfy T-shirt makes a comfy dress :)

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