Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Parrot Costume for Baby Momo

Back in August, I already knew what I wanted Baby Momo to be this Halloween, but I did not finish making her costume until Friday, just before the fun Halloween weekend.   You think you have plenty of time to crate one little costume, then you realize you only one 1 week left before Halloween...I feel like time passes especially fast in fall.
Momo's daddy wanted to be a pirate this year.  I decided to be his side-kick pirate, so naturally Momo was to be the pirate's favorite pet: a parrot. 
I looked for parrot costume on Internet, but only could find one and it came only in infant size.  Then I looked for tutorials for bird costume and I found this: Baby Chick Costume - Little Birdie Secrets
This is a tutorial for a beautiful tutu.  A bird costume that is a tutu??   I HAD TO make one!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Treat Bag with Play Treats

Baby Momo is not old enough to know what Trick or Treat is.  She is not even old enough to enjoy those "treats."  But she does like to carry purses on her arm.  She would carry as many purses as she can carry on her arms and say "Bye, See Ya!" and walk off.  I love seeing her do that, so I wanted to give her special Halloween Treat Bag.

I made a small Treat Bag using felt.  The face and bow are glued to the bag.
Since Momo cannot have the real candies, I decided to fill the bag with fake candies.   I made those using scrap fabric.  The lollipop is made of rolled long strip of fabric.  Since I did not want to use the real stick, I rolled brown felt and attached it to the candy.

I threw in an apple and strawberries made with felt, because Momo should have healthy treats too.

Momo loved her treats!  When she saw the bag filled with those treats for the first time, she whispered "Wow."

Now off to get more treats...

Since Momo likes to play with those play food, I am thinking of making more.  She learned the word "candy" from those fake candies.  I want her to learn the names of fruits and vegetables, and play food can be a good source!

Also while I was making candies and strawberries, I thought they would look pretty on hair clips or hair band.  I could add pompom or lace to the edge of candies, or tie the candies with ribbons!  And instead of using French-Knot stitches on strawberries, I could stitch sparkling beads to them!  I think they would look really pretty.  As soon as I am done with Momo's Halloween costume, I want to try making those!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Plaid Peasant Dress for Baby Momo

Fall is officially here in Texas!  Yesterday morning it was so cool that Baby Momo actually needed a jacket.  With this cool weather, pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks tastes really good now.

I Just made a short sleeve fall dress for Momo, but I wanted a long sleeve dress too.  I went back to Joann for another flannel fabric, and I just had to get red plaid fabric again... 
This time I made one using this tutorial: Long Sleeve Peasant Dress Tutorial -Prudent Baby

After finishing the dress and trying it out on Momo, I realized it was too wide for her.  I cut few inches off both sides.

Now I am wondering whether I should attach a flower made out of ribbons...

Or a just a simple bow.

Or Maybe nothing at all.

Momo is too busy playing with her new toy.  Flower or bow on her dress is not a concern to her :)

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shirred Fall Dress for Baby Momo

I have been wanting to make this dress ever since I saw it here: Smock Tutorial -Sewing for Scarlett

I have made a summer top using this tutorial, but what I really wanted to make was a flannel plaid dress like I saw at the link above.  As soon as the 100-degree days of summer was over, I went to Joann and got this fabric.  But I did not get to work with it for a few weeks. Finally I made the dress, just in time for the cooler weather!

I learned that 2T measurement in the tutorial was a little too big for Baby Momo while making a summer top, so I made it narrower this time.  It fits her great now.  

I attached a rosette made with felt.  If Momo tries to pull it off, I may replace it with small simple bow or something. 

What I learned was that shirring on flannel is more difficult than on quilting cotton.  I would have to be really slow and carefully stretch the fabric as I sew lines of shirred stitches. 

I am loving red plaid on Baby Momo.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Pumpkin Halloween Pillowcase Dress for Baby Momo

The inspiration for this pumpkin dress is here: Pumpkin Dresses-Sugar Bee Crafts

When I was browsing the clearance fabric at Joann, I saw this rib knit in bright orange.  I thought it was the perfect Halloween color.  I had already made ghost Halloween dress for Baby Momo, and was not planning making a pumpkin dress. But since the ghost dress did not turn out as good as I like, and here there was the perfect orange color fabric in front of me, I decided to make a pumpkin dress.  I had never sewn rib knit fabric, and was curious to know how it will turn out as dress too.  I would never know if I did not try. 
So the orange color fabric was made into another pillowcase dress:

I decided to add the pumpkin face after the dress is complete.  First I wanted to see how the dress would turn out.

This time I referred to three pillowcase dress tutorials.
First, again I referred to Prudent Baby's Pillowcase Dress tutorial for the basic pattern and construction of the dress.  This time I made the dress shorter and narrower to fit my baby Momo better.
Then I followed Fat Quarter Pillowcase Dress tutorial from The Mother Huddle for making armholes.  I liked the idea of not using the bias tapes.  I think this especially worked fine for the knit fabric.
Lastly I followed Pillowcase Shirt tutorial from The Polkadot Chair for using elastic in the dress casing.  I really like this idea, since the ribbons stay in the place and there is no choking worries!

I used starch spray on the fabric, and it really helped me sew the knit fabric.
I added ruffles on the bottom to make this a really cute dress. 
I really like it that the knit fabric does not fray and I don't have to finish the edges.

I liked the dress as-is, and debated myself if I should add the jack-O-Lantern face to the dress.  I thought about it for 1 day and decided to add a very simple face to the dress.  After all, it is a pumpkin color dress and it is Halloween time. 

Baby Momo will be wearing this dress on weekends in October. 

I really like this rib knit fabric.  I should have used this kind of fabric for the ghost dress too.  Well, that is something I will do next year...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Silk Flower Hair Clips for Baby Momo

I like making hair accessories for Baby Momo.  Considering how little hair Baby Momo has, she has more than enough hair accessories already.  But making hair accessories is fun and easy, so I keep making them... 
After making hair bows and pigtail holders, it was time for me to try making flower clips.  Momo has 4 flower clips, and 3 of them are daisies.  I bought them before I ever dreamed of making them myself.   While I like those store-bought flower clips, I wanted something different.  I wanted the kinds of flowers I could not buy as flower clips. 
I looked at the flower hair clips I own.  They are basically flower petals glued to the hair clips.  I also referred to this great tutorial for flower hair clips: Flower Hair Clip Tutorial -Pebbles and Poppys

So here are my first flower hair clips, sunflower and chrysanthemum :

I have been looking for sunflower hair clips, but could not find one.  So even though the summer is over this year, I wanted to make one for the next summer.   
Chrysanthemum was not exactly what I was thinking, but I saw the flower at the craft store and just wanted to have it for this fall. 

I cut the stem and took the flower apart.  I removed most of the plastic parts but kept some for the chrysanthemum to keep its shape.  But this flower is hard to keep its shape, and I am starting to understand why I could not find this flower as the hair clip...
I added 3 pieces of glass beads to the center of the flower using skinny wire.  I also glued 2 leaves.  I glued a piece of felt in the back of flower to make it flat and easier to glue to the hair clip. 

There are some issues with those flowers.  I kept the original center of the sunflower , but loose tiny hair keeps coming out of this center.  I thought about making the center using felt and replacing it, but I liked the realistic look of the original, so I kept it.  Since this hair clip is for occasional use, this may be okay.  I will find out if I need to replace it when I use it next summer.
chrysanthemum does not hold its shape well without the plastic holders.  Maybe I should have kept all the plastic parts, but I could not make the back surface flat that way. 
I will have to be more careful selecting the flowers next time...


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