Thursday, January 19, 2012

Upcycled Sweater Dress for Little Momo

While I enjoy most of simple crafting, I like sewing clothes for my daughter Momo the best.  I especially love making dresses, because then I get to dress up my daughter :)  Just as many mothers out there do, I love dressing up my little girl.
The last dress I made for Momo was done in November.  I had plans to make more this winter, but then I just could not find time as the holidays came, Momo caught cold, and works were piled up, etc, etc.   I hear good planning is necessary when raising a small child, but then those plannings seem useless because things do not go as planned.  I was starting to get irritated as I was not getting anything done, so yesterday I made this upcycled sweater dress even though I had to cut my sleep time even more than usual.


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