Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Momo's Valentine's Photo

I finally had some time to take my daughter Momo's Valentine's picture yesterday.  I fed her, changed her diaper, made sure she is in good mood and then asked her to play "taking pictures" with me.
I made a Big Heart Pillow for this photo shoot purpose.  I wanted her to hold the big heart in the picture.  Well, Momo tried to carry the pillow around and would not sit still... I was able to get this one picture Momo sit on top of the heart pillow, and that was it.

Now, Plan B.  I knew I needed a backup plans to keep Momo interested in the picture taking.  I had cut the scrap booking paper into heart shapes.  I spread the papers on the floor and asked Momo to sit.  I thought heart shaped papers would be more fun and less romantic-looking than rose petals.   Well...Momo immediately start collecting the papers off the floor.  I know Momo got this cleaning bug from me, but I was hoping she would just sit on the floor and play with them for a few minutes...

OK, Plan C.  I had cut and sew felt to make heart shaped ornaments.  I gave Momo 3 of those and asked her to play with them.    This worked for about 2 minutes and I was able to take some pictures.

I was not completely satisfied with the pictures, but Momo was getting bored.  My Plan D was to take the pictures outdoors.  Momo loves going outside, and usually outdoor pictures come out decent.  But we had a really chilly weekend.  I had to bundle Momo with warm clothing, and it was definitely not a good picture-taking condition.  There was no way Momo would wear the angel wings on top of the puffy jacket.

We stopped taking pictures and went out anyway.  I thought I would try taking pictures again later, if Momo would be in good mood.   My fortune cookie told me to "Be prepared to modify your plans, " and this is so true when trying to take pictures of a toddler who just turned two.

After little walk, shopping and dinner, we came home and I tried to take more pictures.
I ran out of the props I prepared, so I used what always works the best -FOOD. I gave Momo her favorite cereal, and she finally sat where I wanted her to sit.  
My little angel was too busy eating her cereals, she did not care if mommy was taking her pictures...  

At the end of the day, I had few decent pictures I could use as a Valentine's card. 

In the photos, Momo is wearing Ruched Skirt made with this tutorial -Blooms And Bugs.

I was able to turn my baby into an angel thanks to this tutorial for Angel Wings -Agape Love Designs.

The original angel wings design had long feathers.  They look great, and I did find them at the store.  But I did not buy them just because they were more expensive than the smaller ones.  I know, I am cheap.  I bought 2 bags of small feathers and used all of them in this project.  I also used the leftover tulle from the skirt to make a bow, and glued it to the wings.  
Overall, I am very happy with how the wings turned out.  Momo was more interested in eating cereals than wearing the wings, but maybe hopefully next year she will be more willing to wear them...

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  1. These pictures of her are so adorable! Great idea to use the wings!!

  2. These are lovely photos! Thanks for sharing. So glad that you linked this to Things I've Done Thursday~

  3. I love the picture of her in her coat. I'm glad you included all of these pictures. :) The weather in Idaho is less than awesome in the winter and I'm always trying to bribe my two year old into letting me take her picture too. She did well with chocolate chips and marshmallows for a while. :)

  4. all the photos are sooo beautiful, expecially first one!
    you are so lucky, she is so sweet.
    and - you take great photos, as professional!



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