Monday, May 21, 2012

ABC Book for Little Momo

Before my daughter Momo turned 1, I spend days trying to come up with the perfect 1st birthday gift.  There were not going to be a huge party or piles of gifts. Instead, I wanted to give her something affordable and meaningful to us. I had collected many picture books even before Momo was born, because I wanted her to be a book-lover.  So I decided to give her a book on her birthday as well, and I decided to give her a book on her birthday every year as long as she likes this idea. 
On her 1st birthday, I ordered a personalized book from I see Me!   I selected Who Loves Me? book.   It was more of a keepsake book, but Momo loved the beautiful colors in this book.  We the parents love this beautiful book too.
For her 2nd birthday, I thought I would make a photobook for her.  Momo had already learned the alphabets by singing ABC song from morning til night.  For a few weeks, she would sing the ABC song when she woke up in the bed, and would sing as she went to sleep in the bed.  Momo could tell most of the letters, but some of them confused her.  So I decided to create a ABC book to encourage her reading.  

The problem was...I decided to do this about a month before her birthday, but I was too busy and did not have enough time.  It does not take a lot of time to create a photobook, if I had just used the layouts offered by the photo product company.   But I really wanted image cutout and cookie cutter frames, so I used Photoshop Elements.  I spend few nights learning how to edit pictures and creating pages, but I knew I was not going to finish before her birthday.  So a few weeks before her birthday, I ordered another book from I See Me!  This time I selected My Very Own Name book.  Animal-lover Momo LOVES this book, and it is her new bedtime book now.

So it has been few months since her birthday, but I finally finished the ABC book!

I used easy-to-read font and many colors in this book.  I also used some animations to appeal to little Momo.  
I selected the words from the things Momo already knew, because learning a new word was not my intention.  I wanted the book to be filled with things she loved at the age of 2.

I have been using Shutterfly to order my photobooks.   But lately I have been wanting to try somewhere else.  Years ago I could only find Snapfish and Shutterfly, but now there are so many photo products companies.  After reading several reviews, I selected My Publisher to order this book.  And I am glad I did!  They offer flat pages and super gross paper that is scratch-resistant.  I would not use those options for the regular album-like photobooks, but they are perfect for a toddler book!  And the pictures came out sharper, which  I am very happy with.

Best of all, Momo loves the book!  She is excited to see herself and things she loves in the book.  She is kind of lazy learning to read, but I really hope this book would encourage her :)

Momo needs to learn 2 other languages besides English, so I plan to make more photobooks for her. Next time it should not take this long, unless I forget the Photoshop techniques I just learned and need to re-learn all over again...

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  1. Wow she is doing great,thanks for linking up to Creative Monday :)

  2. Not sure whats cuter- the books or the little one :) Thanks for sharing at Things I've Done Thursday!



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