Thursday, May 31, 2012

Garden Party Dress for Little Momo

Momo and other little girls were offered to have the photos taken by a semi-professional at a beautiful garden settings.  Momo had a lot of photos taken wearing the Easter dress this year already, so I thought she should wear a new fancy dress for this occasion. I had bought this organza-like print fabric a while ago and meaning to make a dress with it, so that is what I did.

I used this pattern and tutorial: Party Dress -The Cottage Home
This was the pattern I have came across many times while searching for free toddler dress pattern.  It comes with many different sizes, and clear and detailed instructions.  What a great pattern...this is the basic dress shape that can be arranged in many different ways.  I am already thinking of making another dress using this pattern.

I completed the dress, but the plan for the photo session was cancelled for now, because of the schedule conflicts.  So I took Momo out to the garden and took the photos myself.

I got this print fabric from W Mart... I normally do not shop there, but about a month ago I decided to stop by after I could not find Dinosaur DVD at Target.  Well I did not find the DVD I was looking for, but I saw the fabric section right next to the electronics... I was surprised because I thought W Mart stopped selling fabrics.   I have no idea when they started selling fabrics again, but this was a pleasant surprise.  I found this see-through print and thought it was interesting.  It took me a while to find someone to cut the fabric for me, but I was able to get it.

I got the cotton fabric to use as lining and coordinating solid color organza fabric from JoAnn.  I was thinking to use the print fabric for the bodice too, but after cutting the skirt pieces, I realized I did not have enough for the bodice pieces.   I went back to the store, but they no longer had the same fabric.  I went to 2 other W Mart stores, but they did not have it either.  This was very frustrating... because the fabric was not cut straight at the store, I had to adjust it and wasted some.  If I did not have to waste the fabric, I would have had enough to make the whole dress with this fabric :(   I ended up using another solid color organza for the bodice.

Well, the main fabric for this dress may have come from W Mart, but I rather call it Garden Party Dress than W Mart Dress...

Momo actually loved wearing this dress, she was happy to see how full the skirt was.  I am so glad she likes the dress, because I am not quite happy with this dress.  I found working with organza was hard.  Gathering organza was especially not easy for me. It took me forever to make and attach that ruffle to the skirt.  And the hem line is not clean and neat.  See-through fabrics do not hide those imperfections ;(  Also I am supposed to use fabric tubes for the button loops, but I just could not turn the narrow tube inside out... I struggled with it for a while, and gave up.  I just used narrow grosgrain ribbons as the button loops.  I think the fabric tubes would have looked better.

This dress started with the frustrating fabric shopping experience, and ended with hours of struggles. The pattern and the tutorials were great, but I just did not have enough skills to work with my fabric selections :(   I am definitely making another dress with this pattern, but will be staying away from those special occasion fabrics...
From the distance, the dress does not look too bad, I think...

Little princess had some snacks in the garden.

then enjoyed playing hide-and-seek.

Linking up to those fun parties.


  1. That's an adorable dress!! And your little one is just too precious:)

  2. This dress is gorgeous and so is the little girl in it. I wish I didn't hate to sew!
    Marcie @

  3. From where I'm sitting, the dress is ADORABLE, Annie!!! I have to agree, I find fabrics like this hard to sew and I stay away from them...

  4. Precious! Hugs and wishes for a beautiful week!

  5. What a beautiful dress and how special that you made it yourself!

  6. Oh Annie, this is so beautiful. I think you did a great job and MoMo looks just gorgeous in it. I wish I could feature you every week (but the other linkers will start to talk, lol). Thanks so much for sharing at our party.

  7. What an absolutely beautiful dress.....I love the bottom ruffle.....

  8. Gorgeous dress :) Looks so pretty on her :)
    Let's Make It Lovely



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