Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gauze Blanket for Little Momo

I got my new sewing machine!  After checking different brands and models online, reading all reviews, I decided to get Singer 7258.  It is an affordable model and seems very popular.  I got mine for less than $170.  My hubby was actually willing to spend more, if that would keep me from screaming and yelling at the sewing machine...  But I could not tell if spending few more $100s would make a difference, and certainly commercial grade machine is not something I need.  So I chose this Consumer Digest "Best Buy" model  :)

So far I made a gauze blanket for my daughter.  I sewed 2 pieces of double-gauze fabrics together wrapped around with gauze bias tape.  The fabrics were pre-cut in 1meter length, so I did not even have to measure and cut was easy and saved me money compared to buying pre-made blanket.  My daughter loves blankets, but she always ends up kicking off those polyester blankets.  I wanted a light cotton blanket, that is perfect for those hot days.
After a wash, double-gauze becomes fluffy...making this a very soft blanket.  And Momo does not kick off this blanket! 

So far I am just happy that the threads does not get jammed in this new sewing machine :)  I need some time getting used to it, and I want to experiment the various stitches that my old machine did not have...

I also sewed this A-line dress.  This was my test run for a new pattern.  I was not sure about the sizing, so I used the fabric I did not care for much to test it out.  The dress turned out too short and too wide for Momo, so I am glad I did this test run.
Hopefully My next creation will be something I will be happy with...

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  1. Have fun with your new sewing machine, Annie!!!

  2. I need to find time to sew more.You did a great job with both I love the material your used in the dress.have fun with your new machine,thanks for linking up with us at Creative Mondays...



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