Monday, November 19, 2012

Tsumami Flower Hair Accessories for Little Momo

753 is a traditional Japanese event to celebrate and wish for the children's good health and growth.  Typically girls are celebrated at the the age 3 and 7, while boys are celebrated at the age 5, though this varies with areas and family traditions.  Children are dressed up in kimono or special occasion dresses, and go visit a shrine for blessings.
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Our little Momo is currently 2.  However, in old days babies were considered one year old at the time of the birth, because they were also counting the time they spent in mothers' bellies.  So in traditional way we would have 3-year-old celebration at the age 2.  These days parents choose whichever the age they like, 2 or 3, to celebrate.  I was hoping to have Momo's 753 celebrated  this year, since she is close to being 3.  But we just could not make a trip to Japan this year.  We will try to go to Japan next year, and the celebration and the blessings will have to wait till then.

But I really wanted to have the 753 photo shoot done this year.  I have heard that little children, especially girls, change so much between age 2 and 3.  I wanted to capture Momo's 2-year-old-adorableness wearing kimono.
So I got little kimono for Momo.  I spend days searching for the kimono that is beautiful and looks great on Momo, and is also affordable :)    The kimono came with a simple silk flower hair accessory, which I did not care for much.  I could not make kimono for Momo, but I decided to make hair accessory for her.

I know those flowers are called Kanzashi flowers in English.  Kanzashi is actually a type of hair accessory, and it does not have to have those flowers.  But somewhere someone started calling the flowers Kanzashi...I guess "Kanzashi" sounds cooler, and it  is easier to say  "Kanzashi" than "Tsumami(pinched)."

I learned how to make Tsumami flowers from a Japanese craft book.  I know there are tutorials and how-to-videos available online, but I got the book because I wanted to know how it was made with glue (traditional way)  instead of sewing, and also the book had so many beautiful project pictures for inspiration.

Forming a flower was harder than I thought.  The glue would not hold the petals to the base well until it is completely dried, so the petals kept falling off from the base.  I did not have enough time for practice, and I had to complete this project before the trip that included a visit to a Japanese garden for the photo shoot.  I choose 3 flowers that looked better than the others, and wrapped them together to a snap clip.

I was not completely happy with my creation, but I thought they should look OK, as long as I am not taking close-up photos...

Well Little Momo looked adorable in her kimono, and I think the hair accessory did not matter much.

Now I am giving myself one year to practice and make better Tsumami flowers... When we visit Japan next year, I want Momo to have better hair accessories than what I made this time.   Also though I believed a simple and small hair accessory would look better on Momo this year, something larger may look better on her next year, if her hair can get longer and thicker.  So I need to get better at this and make something Momo will not be ashamed to wear in Japan.

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  1. Hi Annie!
    I love this Kimono, great colors. Her hair decoration looks pretty decent, too. There is no was that she could be ashamed wearing anything that you make!

  2. Thanks for sharing with us at Creative Modays,the flowers are wonderful,lovely pictures :)

  3. Oh, Annie, the Tsumami flowers are so delicate and intricate. They look beautiful!!! They look like they would be so fiddly to make. You've done a great job. Momo will not be ashamed to wear anything you make.

  4. Hi Annie, I've featured your Tsuami Flowers today...

  5. Very beautiful! I love those flowers.

  6. Very beautiful kimono and the clip matches it perfectly. Momo's trip to Japan is going to be interesting.



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