Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cinderella Dress for Little Momo

Here is another princess dress post.  As you can see, Momo's second princess dress is a Cinderella dress!

While I was still working on her Belle dress, I was already thinking of making another princess dress.  I knew there would be two princess gatherings during our cruise, so bringing another big princess dress made sense, well, at least to me ;)  Initially I was planning to make a Snow White dress as the second dress.   The Snow White dress design is unique and very recognizable, I thought it would be easy for everyone to tell Momo was wearing a Snow White dress, even if I were to mess it up ;)  But Momo did not want a Snow White dress...instead, she wanted a Cinderella dress.  I was a little bummed, because I thought a Snow White dress would look great on Momo.  But this was my little girl's first request, I had to do it!  Besides, a little girl should be any princess she wants to be :)  

(And I really could not blame Momo for liking Cinderella better...after watching all three Cinderella movies, she was hooked.   Even I liked Cinderella better after watching those sequels.  On the other hand, the Snow White movie...well the DVD I got was badly damaged and we had to skip parts to watch it, and the queen-witch really scared Momo.  I was irritated how quickly Snow White ditched those dwarfs after waking up and seeing the prince!) 

I pulled off a couple of sleepless weekends to make the dresses.   While sewing I kept thinking why didn't I pay $50 to buy a dress from Disney...well, it must be because I am crazy ;)  But I could not pass up the opportunities to dress up my little girl in fancier dresses and let her meet the "real" princesses.  Since there was no flying involved this trip, bringing those dresses with us was not a problem for us.    I know, I know,  Disney dress or mommy-made dress would not have mattered to Momo.  But I really like having something a little different from others when it comes to clothing; besides, seeing how much Momo likes those dresses is just a great joy for myself  :)
Bibidi Babidi Boo! 
-Momo trying to get the glass slippers to appear ;)

I referred to this tutorial for the Cinderella Dress : Cinderella Dress -Halloween costume --Make it & Love it.  I kind of experimented with the dress construction and did not follow everything in this tutorial, but the tutorial helped me a lot.  For my dress I used crepe back satin, which I thought looked much better than costume satin.  I added cotton lining and made button holes in the back.   The skirt is made with two panels cut salvage to salvage.  The skirt is not sandwiched in the bodice, so I used the iron-on mending tape to cover the skirt edge inside...without it, the dress bothers Momo too much.  I also used the mending tape inside the sleeves.  I was not sure what to do with the sleeves, and ended up making puffs similar to the skirt puffs and attaching them to the arm openings after everything else was done.  

For the bodice decoration, I used the lace and ribbons.  The tutorial shows you how to make Cinderella dress-like bodice decoration step by step, and I did find those more princess-like trims at the store, but I just thought they seemed harder to manage.  The lace and ribbon was an easy way out for me :) 

Also the tutorials for the Cinderella accessories can be found at Make it & Love it.
The underskirt is the same one used for Belle Dress.

I could not give glass slippers for Momo, but made bow clips with leftover fabrics for her shoes... 

For dinner, I let her wear her tiara instead of the headband.

I know Momo loves this dress.  She likes Belle dress and starts dancing when she puts it on, but when she puts on this Cinderella dress, she cannot stop dancing, singing...and sweeping the floor :D   I think Cinderella's rag dress is in order...;)

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  1. Oh, I love it so much! I would never pay $50 for a cheaply made Disney costume that will fall apart after a few wears. Labor intensive as it was, you made the right choice! And it turned out beautiful :)

    1. Thank you!
      To be fair, Disney costumes are not that bad. I have not actually bought them so I cannot comment on the durability, but they looked well built. Now, Target version of Disney dresses...that is something I would not buy even at the lower price of $20 ;) I love Target, but not their Disney dresses :)

  2. love it!
    great looking dress, she is soooo cute :)
    I think that the other Cinderella was jelous ;)

  3. ADORABLE, Annie!!! You are amazing with the costumes you make. No way would a Disney dress be as well made or look as good as this one.

  4. I LOVE this dress! I am starting to have serious dress envy! :) You did great work and Momo looks precious!

  5. Love this dress, you did an amazing job here. Wish I could make my daughter one :)

    Thanks for sharing with us at Creative Mondays...

  6. Great dress! I love that you used the same underskirt for this and Belle. They are both great princess dresses!

  7. This dress is absolutely beautiful and fits your daughter like a glove! I know it was labor intensive but the quality you created can't be bought for $50 or even $100. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Now I am going to check out the Belle dress you made.



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