Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More Disney Fun Costumes

So I have shared 2 princess dresses I made for Momo for her first Disney vacation (Belle Dress and Cinderella Dress) .   They are the only dresses I made for this vacation, but they were not the only costumes Momo wore during the vacation. 

Our itinerary had 1-day visit to the Walt Disney World.  I always thought I would dress up my little girl in red-and-white Minnie polka dots when we visit the Disney World, but I did not.  Because one of our "must-do"  was a stop at Tinker Bell's Nook in the Magic Kingdom.  Momo loves fairies, maybe a little more than she loves the princesses.  So I planned to take Momo to see Tinker Bell, dressed as Tinker Bell! 
I started thinking about making Tinker Bell costumes.  First thing I looked for was green shoes.  I looked around and I got lucky, I found the comfy green crocs in Momo's size!  Crocs are perfect to attach the pompoms.  My first attempt was tying the yarn pompoms I made.  While they looked OK, the yarn I chose was missing sparkles.  So when I saw the pre-made pompoms with sparkles at the craft store, I grabbed the biggest ones they had  :)  A quick search found this tutorial: Croc Charms -my little mochi.  I made the shoe charms using flat buttons, and glued the pompoms. 
Rosetta commented how much Momo looked liker her friend, Tinker Bell.

Now the Tinker Bell dress...I knew it would not be comfortable to wear a big, satin and tulle dress at the park all day.  I wanted to make something simple preferably in knit.  But I just could not find the fabric in that Tinker Bell green color... then I saw this simple, green A-line dress at Target.  It was a light and comfortable dress to wear in hot May weather.  I decided to just add the fairly wings to it and call it a Tinker Bell dress :)  Not making the Tinker Bell dress gave me time to think and sew princess dresses, so things worked out for me ;)
While the Tinker Bell wings from the Disney store look pretty, I did not want to bring them to the trip and risk damaging them.  I brought $1 store wings...they are smaller and fit in my tote bag nicely ;)

It was not a really good Tinker Bell costume, but it was good enough for the trip.  I thought Momo looked really cute with the fairies, and we got complements on those shoes from other moms.

The another costume Momo wore was Alice in Wonderland Dress.  I made it last Halloween, so I did not have to make it for this trip.  I almost did not pack this dress, since I was already packing 2 other big dresses, but I knew Alice was going to be on the ship, so I squeezed it in our suitcase...
It was really cute to see my little Alice holding hands with the big Alice.

Mad Hatter commented how pretty Momo looked too.

The best Disney magical moment came when we met Belle, walking around the ship.  She noticed Momo was wearing an Alice dress, and said she had the Alice story in her book.  She took her time to talk to Momo for about 5 minutes.  I was SO glad that I packed the Alice dress for this trip!

To make the magical Alice dress, go to the tutorial for the Alice apron: Alice Apron -Threading My Way

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  1. You are amazing! I especially love the last picture - the look on Momo's face is priceless! Good job, mama!

  2. OMG, Annie... Momo will have greatest memories... Everything was just perfect!

  3. Oh my goodness, you make the cuteste costumes! Momo' is one very lucky little girl! :-)

  4. Love the Tinker Bell shoes, Annie! Those shoes were a wonderful find and the perfect color. I am sure that Momo was much more comfortable at the Magic Kingdom in that pretty floaty dress than she would have been in a heavy costume. Great job!

  5. Arr wow, so sweet :) your costumes are amazing, perfect :)

    Thank you for sharing with us at Creative Mondays...

    1. Wonderful post :)

      Sharing and pinning this week at Creative Mondays :)

      Hope to see you this week ...

  6. That ALice dress is outstanding!! Well done!!! I wish I could sew!!


  7. Love the tinker bell crocs.
    - Lora @ Craftivity Designs

  8. Love,love,love the tinker bell crocs!!


  9. Love,love,love the tinker bell crocs!!


  10. I love, love these shoes. So Simple and adorable!



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