Monday, December 2, 2013

Gauze Knit Tunic for Little Momo

I almost did not post this project.  As you can see in the photo above, it is a simple peasant top, but I had worked on this project for 2 weeks.   You see, this was not supposed to be a peasant top project.  It was supposed to be a different tunic pattern I wanted to try, and also I wanted to make a tunic for myself too, for mommy-and-me look.  But sometimes things do not work out the way you want... 

So it started with this wine red gauze knit fabric I found in Jo-Ann's clearance rack.  I liked the color and the softness of gauze.  I was not familiar with gauze knit, but the price was right, so I bought enough to make tunic tops for both of us.  
I decided to make my tunic first.  I used Simplicity 2147.  My first problem stared with the sizing.  I normally wear size 4 or 6, but according to this pattern, I am ...size 14?  Weird I thought, but I followed their sizing and cut my pieces in size 14.  I quickly sewed the yoke pieces together to try on myself, and it was HUGE.  the neckline basically swallowed my shoulders.  So I had to re-cut new pieces in size 6.
So I sewed the new yoke pieces together, finished the neckline, and turned it right side out...
and this is what happened.

The shoulder seams are distorted.  I tired ironing, starch spray, trimming the seam, different types of stitches...nothing worked.  So my first weekend ended with frustrations. The second weekend I tried cutting out new yoke pieces with shorter sleeves.  It seemed sewing the straight line was fine, so I drafted a new pattern with straight line shoulders.  The result was...better, but not good enough.  

Since I had used up most of the fabric on my failed tunic top, I did not have enough to try a new pattern for Momo.  It would not have worked out anyway, because the pattern I selected had curved lines.  Refusing to toss the entire fabric, I cut out pieces from the leftover to make a peasant top for Momo.  A peasant top can be made with straight lines only, and does not require a lot of fabric. I just hoped I would sew perfect straight lines...

The hem line is not perfect, but Momo's top looks a lot better than my failed tunic.  Since the gauze knit looked like a shirred fabric, I added shirring to the neckline.  I think I sewed 8 rows.

 I do not remember the exact sizes of the pieces I cut for this top.  I cut the pieces based on a T-shirt that fits Momo, and cut it larger since I would be adding shirring.  I was just too tired and frustrated at that point, I did not think about measuring and checking exactly how big the pieces should be.  Now that I finished it and tried it on Momo, I see the neckline should have been smaller to hide the rows of visible shirring lines inside.  But I am not complaining.  I should be happy something came out of this challenge...

I could not wear the failed tunic out in the public, so I wore a sweater I already owned for the photo shoot.  Luckily it was the same color as this fabric...can you tell I like the color? ;)
Since Momo is too young to be embarrassed to wear matching outfit with her mom, I even made the matching flower crowns ;)

I read a sewing tip that stay tape should be used for knit hemline.  I am going to try and see if that would fix Momo's tunic, and also see if that can work on the curved seams...I will not get to try probably until after the Christmas, but I hope it will work.  I like the fabric and hope I can work with it, so I do not have to put this on my "stay away fabric list."

So this is my 100th post...wish it was my best and successful project, but it was just not meant to be.  I have sewed more than 50 clothes for Momo so far.  Am I improving?  Maybe a little?

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  1. I love every project of yours! this one is fabulous, enjoy wearing matching outfits, Annie!

  2. Aww lovely matching outfits :)

    Thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays,,,

  3. Well, although it was not what you were trying to achieve, I think the tunic is adorable. Those flower crowns are precious too! Congratulations on your 100th post!

  4. Beautiful! I like the fabric. It looks so soft and comfy, but I'm sure it must be hard to deal with. You did a great job! Love the shirring!

  5. i love the color and the fabric. i think this top woud be super cute on my 4 yr old.

  6. The tunic caught my eye in the Nap Time Crafters line up! Your outfits are always striking. You had a lot of persistence with this one. Good for you! It turned out beautifully. (PS: I was at JoAnn's recently and asked where the "gauze" fabric was and no one could point me to it. Ack!)

  7. This is such a cute tonic and I really like the colors :)



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