Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Momo's First Trip to Japan

Back in November, Momo and I took 2 weeks trip to Japan.  It was Momo's first strip to Japan, and she thoroughly enjoyed it.
The main purpose of the trip was to let Momo meet her grandparents.  For that purpose this was a very successful trip.  Momo loved staying at her grandparents' place...for the usual reasons, her grandparents were spoiling her with toys and food she loves.  They would play with her, and take her to fun places...  It was an exhausting 2 weeks for me, but all fun for Momo ;)

One of the places we visited was a shrine, to celebrate her 753 event.  It is an event to celebrate the children's health and well-being.  As I mentioned in this post I was hoping to celebrate it about a year ago, but had to wait until I was comfortable enough to take her to a long trip.

As I said in the past post, I hoped to make her hair accessories to go with the kimono.  I really thought I would have plenty of time to practice flower making in one year, but I spent most of my limited free time on sewing.  Before the trip I made some flowers, but they did not turn out great.  So I ended up using the spring flowers I made in this post, only adding a new butterfly clip to go with it.

What count is that we got to have the celebration...not a kimono or flowers.  Momo did well during the ceremony, though she did not understand what was going on.  I bribed her with a pack of juice with Anpanman character printed on it, to keep her quiet during the ceremony ;)

Oh, is a Japanese animation character, very popular among small children.  He is a super hero made of bread...his face is eatable and he shares with whoever hungry ;o  We visited Anpanman museum, which is more like a children's indoor playground.  She loved it so much, we went there twice in our short 2 weeks stay.

I believe many people who visit Japan love to go see temples and shrines.  I do too, but I could not do that during this trip.  The only shrine we visited was the one for Momo's 753 celebration.  We only went to places Momo would have fun.  One of those places was Flower and Bird park, where we can enjoy flowers indoors even in winter, feed toucan birds, and see many different kinds of birds, especially the huge variety of owls.    Momo loves to have interactions with animals, so I knew she would love this place.  One of the birds actually got on Momo's arm to eat the food (cantaloupe), but Momo was not scared.  She was actually kind of mad at him because that one bird ate all the food in the cup.  When she feed animals, she likes to feed all of them equally ;)

So we went to other places such as one of the largest aquarium in the world.  The main attraction of this place are two whale sharks.  But what Momo enjoyed most was touching small sharks and stingrays.  Another place was a stock farm with many animals.  Here Momo could touch and feed goats, horses, and sheep.
Momo also loved going to parks.   Many of the play equipment were meant for bigger kids, but that did not stop this little monkey.  Her grandparents were impressed with how much Momo could play with them.

And while she plays, I was able to enjoy beautiful fall foliage... it was the best time to see those beautiful Japanese maples.

2 weeks passed so quickly...before we knew it was time for us to get back on the airplane.  This whole trip was planned around Momo. We chose to go to places she would have fun, and to go to restaurants that serves children's menu.  This was done not to spoil her, but to make things easier for me...because you know things are easier when you have a happy child ;)

Even though I did not get to go to the places I like and eat the food I like, there was something I just HAD TO do...that is, to bring back some made in Japan fabrics!  Actually I was afraid I would not have time to visit any craft/fabric stores during our stay, so I checked and ordered the fabrics online and had them delivered to my parent's place prior to our arrival.   My prediction came true...I really did not have time to visit those stores!  I went to ONE store and spent about 3 minutes browsing, just because we were waiting for a table at the restaurant next door.  And that was about it...

And here is just a sample of what I brought back...

I shopped more than I thought I did...that is the trap of online shopping ;)  Fabrics can be heavy, and with all the other things I wanted to bring back home, the packing became an issue.  I maxed the allowed luggage numbers and weights, and walking around with all those baggage was not easy.  I really wished my strong hubby was there to help me ;o    But anyway I made it back without losing my arms...and I told my hubby I am not shopping for fabrics for a while...well, I broke that promise already.  (>_<)  I have good excuses though... I needed special occasion fabrics for Momo's princess dresses, and princess dresses are very color-specific.  AND Jo-Ann was having that 50% off clearance fabric sale, AND I saw some good deals in the remnant those exceptions must be allowed...right??? 



  1. What a wonderful trip! I enjoyed seeing the pictures of Japan and what kids can enjoy there. My husband lived in Japan for 2.5 years and always speaks very highly of the country. Thanks also for your earlier recommendations on where to start with princess dresses. Your ideas were very helpful! I hope to get around to making one!

  2. Oh Annie, you've got it bad- fabric addiction!! I'm so glad you shared the trip with us! Next time you go, Mo will be older and able to appreciate even more some of the temples you'd like to visit and the foods you missed! Is she fluent in Japanese? We are in a 2 language home and I'm embarrassed to admit that my daughter still struggles to speak to her grandparents in their language. is universal and they manage well enough! I love your pretty hair clip pies...and the kimono! Swoon! I'd love to visit Japan someday.. Your daughter is so lucky to get to see the world!

  3. What a fabulous experience for Momo and how wonderful for both her and her grandparents to meet each other. You absolutely, positively couldn't leave Japan without fabric!!!. I just adore Japanese prints.

  4. What a wonderful time, love the fabric you brought back. I want to go make something nice with this print too,can't wait to see what you make :)



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