Monday, February 3, 2014

Ariel's Pink Dress for Little Momo

Here it is...another princess dress for my little princess :)

This dress is actually something I have been working on since December.  Our family was going to take a vacation in December, a week-long Disney Cruise vacation.  Momo was going to meet her favorite princess Ariel on board, so I thought we should bring the Ariel dress with us.  Well, the vacation did not happen...Momo had a fever the night before we were supposed to leave.  This dress was not completed at that time, I was planning on staying all night to finish it.  Instead I spent all night taking care of my sick daughter... Then of course we had to cancel our can probably imagine how devastating it was to cancel a DISNEY vacation.  So Because of this experience I was getting a little bitter feelings when I saw this dress.  But I had to finish it.  After all, my little girl was waiting for need to make her feel any worse.

Ariel wears this pink dress only briefly in the movie, but it is the dress she is wearing when she appears on most of the princess merchandise.  I knew Ariel would be wearing the aqua color dress on the ship just like at the parks, but she never has that on in the movie.  I wanted a dress that is from the movie, so I decided to make the pink dress.

This dress is based on Five and Ten Designs Look #10.   It is the ultimate pattern for a princess dress, but some modifications were needed to make it into the Ariel's dress, such as: 
1. The neckline was made wider and piping trim was added.
2. The sleeves are made puffier to make those ridiculously large puff sleeves Ariel wears.  
3. The skirt pieces are cut into 3 pieces just like the original look #1, because only one pick-up in the front center was needed.

I love you, Sebastian!

For the sleeves I refereed to this tutorial: Snow White sleeves -Craftiness is not Optional
My sleeves did not turn out as I imagined.  Something went wrong with my pleating.    Also they are not as puffy as I wanted them to be, due to the weight of crepe-back satin.  

 When I tried the bodice on Momo, it was tighter than I expected.  So instead of making button holes, I used button loops on the back.  But after everything is done, I think I could have used small buttons and buttons holes, and that would have made the better fit.

Dance with me, Scuttle!

The main fabric is crepe-back satin I got from Jo-Ann.  I also used silver satin for the sleeve accent.    Rather than making my own piping with this silver satin, I used the store-bought one because I found this really shiny piping at Hobby Lobby.

Though Ariel is not wearing a necklace in the movie, I let Momo wear this one.  It is a shell charm I found at a craft store, worn with my baby pearl necklace.  She loves to accessorize lately, so she sure loved it!

The tulle pettiskirt is not attached to the dress.  I was planning on attaching it, but as I was making it the volume became overwhelming.  I did not want to ruin the dress, so I made it into a separate pettiskirt with cotton lining.  
My tulle pettiskirt did not get as much gathering as I thought it would.  I do not know what went wrong with my measuring and cutting...I did use all the tulle I had.  Next time I will add extra width for more gathering and volume.  

Look, I have feet now!

Seeing my little girl enjoying the dress does make me feel a lot better.  ;)

 Using the dinglehopper...

 Hide, Sebastian, hide!

It is the final week of Project Run and Play season 8.  The theme of the week is Signature Style.  And just like the last season's signature look, I am submitting this Disney princess dress for the challenge.   If you have seen my daughter before, you may have seen her as AliceBelleCinderellaTiana, or Elsa.  She was also Little Mermaid Ariel for Halloween last year.  Can I call this my signature style?  It is for now.  Momo and I love Disney and this is how we show our love...sewing and dressing up :)

Thank you, Project Run & Play for another fantastic season!    It has been very inspiring to see everyone's projects, and fun to participate the sew-along!

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  1. I bet she loves her pink princess dress, the sleeves and star fish hair accessory are wonderful!

  2. Oh that dress is lovely. I'm sure she is so happy to have it. So sad about your vacation being canceled though.

  3. Your signature style is making that little girls dreams come to life! So it's Disney, for now. I bet in her teen years she will be designing dresses for you to make. I love this dress, and the last photo is my favorite. I think your sleeves are perfect and the tulle has the perfect amount of volume:) this dress is beautiful!!

  4. oh, I love your photos! just like the movie :)
    and I sure love all the dresses you have made for your little princess, bravo!

  5. What a labor of love! The dress looks beautiful on your daughter and I am sure she will wear and enjoy it for a long time. I am sorry your vacation was spoiled. That happened to us just after our daughter was born and my husband had to leave without us (business & pleasure combined). Not only did I cry, but he did, too! He didn't want to leave us!

  6. She is such a lucky little girl getting all of these princess dresses!! It's gorgeous as usual!

  7. Great job on the sleeves! I made one princess dress and am wincing a bit as the bodice gets snugger on her I'm amazed at the collection of them you've sewn! Bummer about your vacation that would be so disappointing. -Rachel

  8. I would say this is definitely your signature style - I love seeing all your princess dresses. My girls would love this.

  9. You can safely call this your signature style, Annie. Momo is one lucky girl to have you sewing these adorable Princess dresses. You have outdone yourself this time. The dress is ADORABLE!!!

  10. So fun...a girl can't have too many princess dresses and this one is darling!

  11. This is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for visiting Night Owl Corner....just stopping by to check out your blog too!

  12. Momo is so lucky! she looks so adorable in her Ariel dress..... I love the addition of the shell-necklace... So sweet! !:)
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  13. This is really cute! She will have such fantastic memories of playing dress up in the special gowns you have made for her. Great job!!

  14. Oh you did a beautiful job. She looks so cute in it. I would have loved to have had this when I was little. Ahhh, I'm sorry you didn't get to go on your cruise. :(

  15. Great work and such a beautiful dress :) thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays...

  16. Your Ariel gown is gorgeous!!! I had made my oldest daughter one last year for her birthday and she lived in it until she outgrew it :)

  17. Oh so cute! I love the dinglehopper photo :) sherri | thread riding hood



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