Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Celebrating World Giraffe Day with Little Momo

This year June 21st, the longest day of the year was the first ever World Giraffe Day,  established by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

I am not going to pretend to be a expert on giraffe or any animal conservation efforts expert.  I only learned about it because of the newsletter sent by the zoo.  The Giraffe Conservation Foundation's website is here.

For years I avoided zoos.  I get mixed feelings looking at those wild animals in captivity.   But now that I have a child, I go to the zoo.  Often the zoo is a mommy-daughter date spot for us.  The zoos help save the wild animals and educate people on conservation efforts, both locally and globally.  So I understand zoos are not all bad... I think I may feel better about zoos if those animals are given more spaces.  

So I took Momo to the zoo... It was a HOT day, but Momo did not complain...she loves going to the zoo.

There was a coloring page station that Momo enjoyed.  They had some items for sale with the proceeds going to the conservation foundation. Their merchandise did not interest me...I felt I should just donate the money rather than buy those stuff.

But I got Momo this giraffe at the gift shop... We normally do not stop at the gift shops, but we just needed to cool down a little bit in the middle of the day.  Momo usually do not ask me to buy things, but she really wanted this little giraffe.  So I gave in.  To me it was worth it though...how long more do I get to see her holding little giraffe like a little baby, walk around with it, and sleep with it...  I think they should have sold those stuffed animals with proceeds going to the foundation, and they probably would have raised money more.   At least I would not have hesitated to buy this giraffe if that was the case, and Momo did not have to plead her case with me ;)

Momo wore the Giraffe Dress I made earlier this year for Project Run and Play challenge.    How fitting at the zoo, on the Giraffe Day!

Giraffe feeding had a long line and I was not willing to stay in the line for it.  We also missed the keeper talk.  So the rest of the day was spend with other fun activities...

Riding the carousel..
Climbing on a giant ladybug.

Although I failed on explaining what the giraffe day was about to Momo (she tried to listen...but I guess I was not good at talking things like this to a little child.  I can never be a teacher! ;o), we both had a great time.  So for now we keep going to the zoos.

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  1. I love zoos and as you said many of them really focus on conservation so they are not all bad. The San Francisco zoo is an awesome zoo as is the National zoo. Many zoos in recent years have made their enclosures much more animal friendly with bigger space and more. Some zoos like the the one in San Francisco even take elephants that would otherwise be euthanized in their root countries. Looks like little MoMo enjoyed the zoo immensely! :-)

  2. That dress is darling! I'm with you with the zoo's. We haven't gone since our oldest was 5, but we talk a lot about kindness to animals and to do all we can to protect them.



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