Monday, June 2, 2014

Color Block Dress for Little Momo

A color block dress for Momo...

I almost did not post this dress.  I made some mistakes while making the dress, as usual,  also was not sure if Momo would wear it.  When she saw me working with those red and green-blue fabrics, she was not thrilled.   But after the dress was completed, Momo begged to wear it, so here it is...

The dress pattern is Look No. 5 from Five and Ten Designs Volume One .

There are pockets where the color block occurs.

The fabrics are from Jo-Ann's.   The same print pattern comes in different colors, making it easier to mix and match.

The reason Momo loves the dress is because of its full skirt.  I added extra inches to the width  to make the skirt fuller.  I know what my daughter wants -she wants a skirt she can spin in ;)

But I think making the skirt fuller is one of the mistakes I made.  I think the color block would have looked better if I did not add those extra inches.   Then again without the fuller skirt Momo may not have worn the dress, so it may not be really a "mistake"...

Another mistake I made...I forgot to add the interfacing to the back where buttons are.  I was still able to add buttons and button holes, but this is a very light weight quilting cotton, having an interfacing would have been better.

The biggest mistake I made is...the sizing.  I made it too big.  Again.  Lately I have been thinking how much Momo has grown, and made the size 4 without taking out the width from the bodice pieces.  Well, she is not as big as I thought she was.  She is still a skinny little girl.  The dress bodice is too big on her.   I was not in the mood of taking the dress apart and making it smaller, and thought I would have to keep it in her closet until next year.    But Momo actually wants to wear it now, so...

Here is Momo's modeling pose :)

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  1. Simply adorable. I love the dress and the colors. Blessings, Catherine

  2. I just love it!! It looks great with the extra twirl power :) I never thought to use the same print in 2 colors together...I'm saving that idea for future stealing!

  3. That dress is incredible! I only see perfection!

  4. If she loves it- it is a win! I have a few things that needed to be saved for next season. It is hard when they are growing you think size up, but then over due it occasionally :) Looks like she will get tons of wear out of it.

  5. Awesome dress!Super idea for a color-block!!!Well done!

  6. Aww this dress is so sweet, love the colours together :)

    Thanks for sharing over at Creative Mondays :)

  7. Your dress is pretty!!! I would love to pick up sewing again now I see this:)

  8. The colours work so well together, Annie. She'll get lots of use out of it seeing as she wants t wear it now and it will fit for quite a while.

  9. What a gorgeous dress. I really like the colour combination. Too big is always better than too small.

  10. LOVE the color combo. And too large is better than too small. Thanks for linking up at Inspire Us Thursdays!

  11. I have been dying to make this dress and have had the 5 and Ten Designs volume for months. This just might give me the kick I need. It's absolutely adorable on your little girl!

  12. Hi,

    I just want to say that I find that dress very, very beautiful.
    I do not agree, that you've made any mistakes at all, to be true.
    It doesn't look bad anyway: The full skirt is actually lovely!
    And maybe it is a little big, but it's not very obvious, actually! :) In fact that is good; as your little sweetheart can wear this wonderful dress for a long time now. :)




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