Thursday, June 19, 2014

Georgia Twirl Dress for Little Momo

In the beginning of this year, I told myself that I would not be buying any more fabric.  Well, I broke that promise right after I made it.  Other thing I thought I would not be doing is buying patterns.  I have several patterns I want to try but have yet to do so.  But when I learned about this Georgia Twirl Top/Dress pattern, I had to get it for my twirl-loving girl.   Besides the circle skirt I liked the V-cut in the back and the over-lapped sides, I felt I had a valid excuse to buy the pattern...

This is the 1st dress I made using this pattern.  I wanted to use some pretty fabric for this twirly dress, but I had to test the pattern out first before cutting out my favorite fabric.  I used cheap quilting cotton from Jo-Ann, the cheapest kind.   They do look and feel cheap, but I like to use them to try out a pattern for the first time.

I looked at the pattern pieces and thought 5T would be the good length for Momo.   I cut both the bodice and skirt  pieces in 5T and trimmed the bodice width to match just about 4T size.  Normally size 4T bodice is too wide for Momo, and this Georgia Twirl pattern is ...the same, size 4T is too big on her.  The back V-shape and the armholes are showing her skin a little too much.

But Momo got so excited when she saw the dress.  "Does it SPIN???"  Yes, it does dear...
She wanted to wear the dress to the school.  I told her she could wear it as long as she wears a T-shirt underneath.  She did not want to wear a T-shirt, but she gave in, because she just HAD TO wear the dress...  When I saw her excitement, I knew buying this pattern was a right choice. ;)

So I needed more adjustments for the bodice.   I used another cheap quilting cotton from Jo-Ann to try again.  But this time I picked cute orange and pink colors.  

 I narrowed 4T bodice a little, and added 1 inch to the back V-shape.  I also overlapped the sides a little more.

This Georgia Dress with sleeves inspired me to add the sleeves to this pattern. I went with small cap sleeves, the same sleeves I used for the Color Block Dress.    I love how the little sleeves changes the look of the dress.

The bodice is still a little too loose and arm holes are still too big.

But adding the extra 1 inch to the back  was just about right.

Momo wanted the skirt to be longer.  I guess the longer skirts make her feel more princess-y.  So I cut 6T length for the skirt, and I like it too.

So I still need to adjust the bodice.  I do not think Momo is particularly skinnier than any other girls out there, but she is skinny.  Cross-over design makes it a little harder to adjust the bodice compared to the straight line bodice, but I hope I will get it right next time.   The dress design is genius,  it sews up relatively quick.  If I can get the bodice size right, sewing up the dress will be easy and Momo will not mind adding a couple more of those in her closet...

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  1. ThT dress has some great spin power! I think the extra length really went a long way towards giving her extra spinniness too. I love using quilting cottons for little girls dresses. Sewing other things has turned me I to a fabric snob; but quilting cotton seems to hold up really well in kids clothes and they have so many cute prints. I love it:) beautiful photos, as always! And I hadn't noticed the cool armhole design; funny how that pattern really stands out for me now.

  2. Ha ha... we've all promised not to buy more fabric and patterns. A fabulous dress with the all important twirl factor, Annie.

  3. I love the detailing on the bodice - great pattern.

  4. Great dress, love the fabric you picked too :)

    Thanks for sharing over at Creative Mondays ...

  5. Oh, I would love to twirl with a dress like this if I were a little girl! It's so cute!

  6. Such a pretty dress! Love it!

  7. Love this! Love both fabrics you used! I really need to make one for my girls!



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