Thursday, June 12, 2014

Vintage Inspired Sweet Panda Dress for Little Momo

 Lately I have seen many vintage inspired outfits in the sewing community.  Vintage May series  was my main source of motivation to create this dress.

The series was amazing.  But what exactly "vintage" means? I wondered.  According to Merriam Webster web site, it is "used to describe something that is not new but that is valued because of its good condition, attractive design, etc."  So how is it different from "retro?" I continued to wonder...  "Retro" is "looking like or relating to styles or fashions from the past" according to the same site.   Hmmm...should I call this dress "retro-inspired?"  I guess I could.  I guess it could be called either way.

I used this adorable panda print fabric I got from Japan.  The cute little pandas are playing hide-and-seek in the flower field.  How cute is this fabric!!!

But rather then drawing my own pattern, I used the bodice and collar patterns from Five and Ten Designs.

I added the lace overlay to the collars.  I thought the lace would add extra vintage-y feel to the dress.

I used the little flower buttons in the back, rather than sewing on a zipper.  

Do you see my "Oops-of the day" in this dress?  Yes, the collars...I did not round up the back of the collars.  I noticed my mistake when sewing the bodice pieces together.  The edges of the collars had to be sewed on to the edges of the bodice pieces.   Then I had to sew on the snap button to the collar, as making the button hole was not possible...

I only had 1 meter of this fabric, so I could not give a full skirt Momo loves.  But Momo still says she likes her panda dress.

Why is Momo holding this giant Hello Kitty balloon?  It does not belong in those photos...  Well she just got this balloon and insisted to have the pictures taken with it.  She was not going to be a happy girl without it, so if I wanted to keep snapping her photos, it had to stay with her...

At least she is striking a pose...

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  1. How could she not love it in that fabric :) I think this feels more vintage then retro to me, but I don't know that I could say why. Great pictures I think the balloon turned out to be a fun prop to hide behind!

  2. I agree with Rachel above, that fabric is to die for! And what a sweet little dress! The collar looks just fine hon- the lace makes it pop! Great sew!

  3. Aww this material is so sweet, perfect for the dress :) great dress...

  4. I am loving that fabric. Great job on the dress!

  5. I do like vintage and the pattern and design is lovely; simply adorable.

  6. Oh Annie!! Your sweet little one looks just darling!! That material is so cute with the pandas hidden. Love it. I also love your creativity to show the pictures without revealing your daughter's face!! I need to do that. I just end up not showing the pictures because I don't want their faces online!! Have a beautiful day!

  7. A gorgeous little dress, Annie. The fabric is perfect and I just love the lace collar. I'm never sure about the difference between vintage and retro.

  8. Such a sweet dress! The collar and the details on the sleeves are perfect!

  9. That fabric is GORGEOUS! Love the dress!



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