Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Caroline Party Dress with Circle Skirt for Little Momo

Here is my first Caroline Party Dress I sewed last month.

Actually this was a test dress, but I actually like how it turned out.   I wanted to use a special fabric, not this one pictured,  to make a dress, and I wanted the dress style to be simple to show off the pretty fabric print.  The Caroline Party Dress is perfect for that, its classic bodice style with faux cap sleeves means less seams to breakup the print.  Also the invisible zipper makes the back of the dress look clean.

This was supposed to be a test-sew, so I did not try to math the print.  I guess I should have paid more attention and at least tried to align the print in the bodice ;o

I cut size 4T bodice.  While it fits big on Momo as expected, I am thinking it does not "look" too big.  And I love that...the dress has a room to grow but it does not look like Momo is wearing a potato sack.
I replaced the gathered skirt with a circle skirt.  I cut out the circle skirt, pinned to the bodice and adjusted to the bodice's waist size.  The excess was cut off from the skirt piece, thus the seam in the back of the skirt.
A circle skirt can make Momo spin all day long...I love how it flows too.    I think what I like most is that I do not have to gather the skirt at the waist,  making it easier to iron.
This fabric is a quilting cotton from Jo-Ann.  It is the same print I used for the Patriotic Twirly Dress.  The chrysanthemum looked like fireworks and I loved it for the patriotic dress, but in this dress I am thinking the flowers look like huge dots.  I love dots in summer.  Every year when summer comes, I just crave for dots.

After finishing this dress, I have already sewed another one, which I will share soon.  I am a little disorganized now.  My sewing room, which used to be a study,  is a huge mess.  Fabrics are lying around everywhere, so now I am officially claiming the room a "sewing room,"  while Momo calls it "Mommy's room."  I have several projects I have started and yet finished, and several more projects in my mind.  I used to be such a neat person,  I do not know what has happened to me... 

Linking up to those fun parties.


  1. A beautiful dress, Annie and being a circle skirt, perfect for twirling. Ha, ha... I can relate to not being neat. I do like to be and there are times when I just have to restore order, but other times, I just live with the mess, especially when in the middle of a project.

  2. This dress is so adorable! I know I've told you before how lucky little Momo is to have a mom like you but I repeat it now! :-)

  3. Beautiful dress Annie, perfect for twirling :):)

  4. This is such an awesomely fun activity! Thank you for sharing your post with The Natural Homeschool and The Life of Jennifer Dawn Linky Party. :) See you next Wednesday! :)



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