Monday, October 6, 2014

Disney Frozen's Little Anna Dress for Little Momo

Here is a princess dress I have been working on for months...Little Princess Anna dress for my little princess :)
Momo loves all the girlie dresses I make, but nothing makes her happier than a princess dress.  So I keep sewing them...I will as long as she lets me.  And I am submitting this princess dress as my signature look for Project Run & Play sew-along's week 4 theme, signature look, just as I have submitted princess dresses in the past.

Momo and I love Disney movies, and needless to say, Frozen is one of our favorites.   I have already sewn up an Elsa Dress (here), so naturally it was time to make an Anna dress.   But instead of Anna's signature look, a pink coat and a blue skirt dress, I wanted something different.  Since Momo is a little girl, why not dress her in a dress as princess Anna was dressed when she was a little girl?   Thus this little Anna dress was born.
I actually started sewing this in July.  It is not a very complicated dress, but there were some interruptions that kept me from finishing it sooner.  Mainly I could not decide how to add those flower motifs to the dress.  First I tried hand embroidery.   I have not done hand embroidery for a long time, and the flower was not perfect, still I kind of liked the result.  But it was very time consuming...I spent hours just to finish one flower on the bodice.  I could not imagine adding those flowers to the skirt too.  So I searched for other option.   I saw inexpensive puffy fabric paint on Amazon, and decided to try.  The dress was put on hold while I waited for my order, and I worked on other projects.  Even after the paints arrived, I did not get back to this dress soon.  When I finally tried the paint, I did not like it...I liked the puffy paint on my Kids Art Sally Dress, but not on this princess dress.
So the dress was put on hold again while I thought about what to do next...

Then recently I tried fabric paint stenciling.  I  liked how it turned out, so gave it a try here.  I did not like the result as much as the hand embroidery, but this was much quicker.  I hand drew simple flower designs, and made the templates using freezer paper.  The freezer paper stencil tutorial I followed is here.  
This dress is based on Sally Dress pattern.  When I decided to make this dress, I immediately knew I wanted to use the Sally Dress for its square neckline.  Also I liked how Sally Dress has no buttons or zipper in the back, making it easy for Momo to dress by herself.  I wanted this dress to be a play dress she can wear anytime she wants
And my fabric choice for this play-friendly dress is broadcloth again.  I did not want dressy satin, or 100% cotton that is easy to wrinkle.  I actually wanted knits, but could not find the colors I wanted.   So I went with broadcloth...they come in many colors to choose from, they are very lightweight and inexpensive.
The sleeves were made puffier, and the skirt was made with 2 layers.  I followed this tutorial for the scallop hem on the top layer of the skirt.  Then I added decorative stitching to keep the scallops in place.  Obviously I did not make as many scallops as the picture above...I wanted to keep the number of the flower stencils minimum ;)  

When Momo first time saw the dress, she did not recognize what character the dress was supposed to be for... I actually had to show her the picture from the book and tell her it's a little Anna's dress ;o    But then she got excited and could not stay away from the mirror, checking out herself.
Then I threw in a little olaf and snow to play with, she could not be happier :)

I know Momo would love a grown-up Anna dress too...but I am not promising her anything ;o  At least that will have to wait until our weather is cool enough for a coat...

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  1. I really like the scallops at the bottom of the first layer of the dress skirt. It add so much personality to the overall design. Great job.
    Deborah @ Sew Much to Give

  2. what can I say - I am one of your greatest fans!

  3. Aw, I love the dress! I'd definitely say you nailed your signature look this week. Your stenciling turned out fabulous!

  4. I love this dress especially the scallop hem, flowers and the puffy sleeves, you have done a great job :) The pictures are so adorable, too.

  5. My little girl would love this dress! The embroidered flower turned out beautiful and I totally understand painting the rest of them - that would have taken forever. Very nice job.

  6. This is so precious and I love all of the details.

  7. Your costumes are always so spot-on! Very sweet :)

  8. Oh how precious :) This dress took a long time to make, but it was worth it for sure!

  9. Very pretty and precious! Love all the details.

  10. The dress looks great! Awesome pics too! My daughter loves Anna, Elsa, and Olaf!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party!

  11. This is darling! The details are perfect!

  12. Annie, you are amazing - taking a simple pattern, added a second layer with scallops and stencilling the flowers. No wonder Momo kept looking at herself in the mirror. You are making so many wonderful memories.

  13. Oh my goodness! I love this dress even more than the one I made myself! So unique with all the pink and blue Anna's out there!

  14. Love this! I will be using it as my inspiration when I get around to sewing a Anna dress for my daughter.

  15. I went to the site for the pattern but it does not have puffed sleeves. How did you make the puffed sleeves? My granddaughter would love to have a dress like this!
    Thank you!

  16. Yes, I had to modify the sleeves. I added extra width to the pattern piece, because I would be gathering it. I found a tutorial with photos to explain this:
    Hope you will enjoy it!



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