Sunday, November 16, 2014

Everyday Frozen Elsa Dress for Little Momo

I would think many moms out there are little tired of looking at Elsa dress...especially just after Halloween.   But here it is, yet another Frozen's Elsa dress ;)  I am currently sewing-machine-less, and all I have to show right now is this dress I sewed about 3 weeks ago.  It is a more comfortable, everyday-wear kind of princess dress.

I did sew an Elsa dress earlier this year...that dress was not uncomfortable to wear or anything, but it was a princess dress made with special occasion fabrics.   It just is not practical to wear to everywhere....  I have learned that when you have a little girl, there sometimes occasions that she can wear a princess dress to, besides Halloween.  But I rather avoid the hassles of changing into/from princess dress if I can.   So last month I sewed a knit Snow White dress that Momo can wear comfortably all day long.   The knit princess dress is great...Momo can go to events, to restaurant, to shopping, to car seat without worrying the dress getting wrinkled..., so I wanted another one.  I actually had been thinking of a knit Elsa dress since summer, long before sewing the Snow White dress.  It was finally time for me to actually get around to it!
I took my time to look for the pattern and fabrics.  I wanted this dress to have a removable cape, so I wanted buttons on the shoulders to hang the cape.  I was about to buy a pattern with such design, when I bought the Perfect Parcel #5, which included Mimi Shirt/Dress pattern by Filles a Maman.  The design has a keyhole opening with a button closure.  I liked the design, I thought the keyhole was really cute.   The original design had 1 keyhole, but I made 2 so I could hang the cape.  
I used those sparkly buttons for the closures.  They make me think of crystals...I thought they looked better than the snowflake buttons, which would have been obvious choice for "Elsa" dress ;o
Narrow elastics were attached to the cape for hanging.  The cape is a simple rectangular fabric, with top gathered.  
The bodice was cut shorter than the pattern's shirt line.  Then I attached a circle skirt.  I have seen an Elsa dress with circle skirt, like this one, which definitely inspired me making this dress.
To cut the circle skirt out, there are several tutorial out there...but I hate doing math and drawing a perfect circle curve.  I used the skirt pattern piece from Georgia Twirl Top/Dress pattern to cut the circle out.  To match the waist, what I normally do is to cut a smaller waist size out and compared it to the top bodice.  Then I would cut the skirt waist more till it fits the bodice.  Like I said, I hate doing math ;o  But this time, the waist I cut out perfectly matched the bodice at the first try!  I thought I was meant to make this dress :D

I thought the dress would be cuter in knee-length skirt, but I was afraid Momo would feel less princess-y.  So I cut the longest circle skirt I could cut in one piece.  I still think the dress would be cuter in shorter length... I may cut it shorter if Momo agrees to it.  I did not even hem the skirt and it will not be hard to do it.  Then again, I may you can see, size 4T bodice fits loosely on Momo.  If I keep the skirt length long, she will be able to wear this dress longer...
I cut the bodice into two, to have the color block.  While the front line is curved, the back line is a straight line.
It may be hard to see in Momo's dress, but the blue knit fabric has glitter all over.  One day I was shopping at Jo-Ann and found the fabric.  Perfect blue color and glitters...I thought I could not ask for more, then turned out it was priced at clearance price!  I love it when that happens :)
The cape is made with chiffon with sparkles, also from Jo-Ann.  This was actually the fabric I meant to use for the cape for the Elsa dress I made earlier this year.   But at that time Momo insisted the Elsa dress had to have the snowflakes, made me looking around for the snowflake fabric...  I had plenty of this chiffon fabric left, so I used it here...and Momo is not complaining this time!  She is just happy that she got another Elsa dress, in a circle skirt she loves! 

I must say, Frozen photo shoot is the most fun for Momo...I just let Momo wear the dress, play Frozen songs, and she is ready to sing and dance!  I just snap pictures while she is enjoying pretending to be the characters.  But she moves around fast excuse for the blurry pictures ;p

This dress has been great so far.  While Momo feels like a princess wearing it, it does not scream "princess" like special occasion dresses do.  So Momo has worn it to events, to the park, to the mall...just not to the school :p

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  1. Oh my gosh, using the buttons to attach the cape is brilliant. And the buttons are to die for! All the sparkles and frill- I love that it can be worn everyday. What a lucky little girl!

  2. Aww this is beautiful, my daughter is a huge Frozen fan and all the dresses are to small for her, now i wonder if I can get some nice material :)

    Thanks for linking up # CreativeMondays

    1. Thanks again for sharing :)

      Pinned and featured this week at the blog hop...

  3. There's nothing quite like feeling like a princess every day!

  4. Amazing lovely photo series, wow!
    Greetings from Germany :-)

  5. A totally practical, but FUN dress, Annie. Clever idea attaching the cape as you have.

  6. Oh, I missed this one! Genius on your part to add the 2nd keyhole in order to get the 2nd button for the removable cape! This is a great Elsa knit dress. I have some sparkly blue knit fabric...



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