Sunday, December 7, 2014

Flannel Peasant Tops for Little Momo

In my previous post I briefly mentioned my sewing machine had to be sent to a repair shop. I got it back without fixing it because it was not worth fixing an inexpensive machine.  It can still sew straight stitches and narrow zigzag stitches, so while I wait for the new machine to arrive, I worked on a simple project.  

I brought out some flannel fabrics from my stash.  I only had 1 yard of this flower print flannel.  1 yard does not go too far these days, and I was not feeling like buying more new fabrics to add to the project.  I think flannel is generally used for pajamas, but Momo does not need new pajamas right now.  I decided on a peasant top, something simple and can be made with 1 yard.   The pattern I used is Ramblin’ Raglan Mega Pattern Pack, which was a giveaway prize I won recently.
I chose this pattern over the regular peasant pattern I normally use, because of the elastics details on the bodice and sleeves, and the bell-shaped sleeves.  I was hoping those details will not make the top made with flannel look like a pajama.
I think the top looks okay...especially in the photos.  But I cannot help thinking "pajama" because of the flannel...
Here is the second top I made with another flannel fabric.  The first top I sewed the cut elastic directly on the top using zigzag stitches, but it was not easy to do so on 1/8in elastic. So for this next one, I tried the elastic casing version, with the casing on the right side of the fabric to add interest.  I also added an embellishment.

I feel it does still look like a pajama...I think in the future I will use flannel for pajama only :P

Momo is not very excited about her new tops...she wants me to sew dresses.  And when she is not happy, I am not happy  ;(   My sewing satisfaction come from Momo's happy face when putting on my creations...
My next project will be a girl-y dress ;) 

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  1. Exciting, a new sewing machine on the way?! I love your tops, especially the gray floral. I'm with you though, I enjoy sewing things my kiddos love. Which means I sew lots of Tshirts and leggings rather than the pretty dresses Id prefer! Actually I may even prefer the basics now...I can't wait to see what you do next, and thanks for the great flannel ideas. I got a bunch on Black Friday!

  2. They don't look like pyjamas from where I'm sitting, Annie and I think this is because of the elastic. I bet you are super excited about the new machine!!!

  3. Mine always wants dresses too :) My favorite is the second, cute accent! I hope your new machine gets there fast- waiting is always hard.



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