Saturday, January 17, 2015

Princess Dress-Up Rack for Little Momo

I cannot believe half of January has passed already.  I feel like I am still stuck in 2014...having hard time accepting it is 2015.  Am I the only one???   I am a little behind with getting the projects done and writing about them.  Here is what Momo got for Christmas...a princess dress-up rack!
With Momo's princess dress collection expanding, I needed a storage solution. They were taking up closet space and were not really easy for Momo to access.  So I looked for the dress up rack.... The similar items were being sold for around $200.  I thought why not make it ourselves...I know, sometimes a bad habit of DIYer...  Usually it is hubby who makes something like this, but he has been super-busy.  So I found a tutorial for it and decided to give it a try myself! :D

NOW A CONFESSION.  I did NOT make it ;p
I was really going to, but someone stepped in for us.  Hubby asked his friend who is in cabinet-building business, to cut some woods for us, and he asked what we were making.  Hubby answered it with a photo, and this friend not only cut the wood pieces for us, but he also built it!    Now I do not know if hubby asked him to build it so that I would not touch his tools...or maybe his friend did not want us to come back to ask him again after I mess up the project. ;o  Anyway this was a huge help during the busy holiday time.  The dress rack was delivered ready to be painted and decorated. 
Purple would not have been my choice of color, but it is Momo's favorite color and it is fit for royalty.  I used primer+paint in one kind of paint to save time.    Then I glued those acrylic rhinestones.   My first idea was to paint/stencil the decoration, but I knew Momo would love those jewels.  After all, this is Momo's princess rack, so I made choices she would love.
I got a big value pack of those jewels so I would have variety of sizes and shapes to choose from.  I actually spent 2 days on just gluing those, taking time to think the best design patterns and pieces to use them.
Momo loves them and calls them "diamonds" and I am not correcting her... she does not have to know mama cannot afford the real diamonds, does she? ;)
We attached a skinny mirror on one side.  This was a good find at $10, the frame looks perfect for royalty theme and I did not have to paint them.

(yes, we still have the tree out...I should just leave it out there...because you know, it is so pretty.  Not that I am too lazy to pack it up or anything  ;D  )

Then on the other side of the rack, we attached those 4 drawer pulls.  I tried to pick something that looks like jewels to keep the same theme.

This dress-up rack makes it easier to organize all of Momo's dress up clothes and accessories in one place.  And she plays more dress-up now because of that.

This dress-up rack ended up costing about $200, after paying hubby's friend and buying paint and decorations.  So there is no savings there....  But it is built in good solid wood, and we got to decorate it the way we like.   And I ended up painting Momo's room in this purple, because I got 1 gallon and it was more than enough to paint this furniture and her small room.  Also I have plenty of those rhinestones left for future use.
We also ended up making a bed canopy to add to the princess theme for Momo's room.   I saw photos of something like this online, and made one using circle pipe we had at home.  The holiday lights is now being used as night light. So not much sewing here... I did make few fleece items... pants, a top and a dress because of the cold days we have had, but mostly they were test projects.  The gray fleece dress Momo is wearing in the second photo above was a test dress to check the fit.  Though it keeps her warm, Momo is not happy to wear that is so "boring" for her compared to those princess dresses ;o

If anyone wants to build a dress rack like this, here is the tutorial I was going follow: Ana White: Dress Up Center -No cutting required!

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  1. Hurray for you! The rhinestones are a perfect touch! I can't believe you managed to make a bed canopy too. I'm so impressed!

  2. That'd be my husband - doing anything to subtly prevent me from using his tools - not that I'd really want to anyway. I'm super impressed you were going to make the dress up rack, Annie. It's perfect for a little princess with all the sparkly additions and it'll keep everything tidy, accessible and all in the one place.

  3. This is amazing! I just showed the pics to my girls and they were like WOW :)

  4. It's perfect! I've been trying to decide on a dress up clothes containment system too :) Love the knobs and mirror, great additions.

  5. Wow! This is really amazing!!! It's a dream project! You are so talented! The colorful details are great!
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  6. Amazing project with great details. Lucky Momo. Best wishes, Darlene

  7. Aww this is beautiful, what a perfect princess dressing up rack. Love this idea :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays ..

    1. Thanks again for sharing :) pinned and featuring this week at the blog hop...



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