Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Butterfly Secret Garden Dress for Little Momo

Spring is here in Texas, and the wildflowers are in full bloom!
 Showing you how beautiful Texas can be...
Especially with a little girl dressed as a butterfly...
Wildflower viewing is one of my favorite things to do. I look forward to this season every year, and I am very happy if we get a good weather on weekends :)  I drive around the countryside looking for the fields of flowers.  I have been doing this since long before Momo came along, but now that she is with me, this is a "must do" in spring.  Taking the kids' pictures in the Texas state flower bluebonnets is sort of Texas tradition.
I sewed my second Secret Garden dress. I don't know what has happened to it, but I do not see the link to the pattern anymore...  Anyway since this was the second time(the first dress here),  there was no surprises.  I skipped installing the side zipper, because I knew it was not necessary, at least for Momo.  The dress has the perfect party dress look...
and the perfect amount of the twirl power ;)

*UPDATE -the link to the pattern is here.  Thank you, Scary!

I have been saving this butterfly fabric for a few years.  I bought it when I just started sewing for Momo.  I went to a local fabric store and saw this Micheal Miller fabric in the clearance...and I got all they had, which was like 2 yards.  That was more than enough to make a pillowcase dress, and I felt the fabric should be used for something else...so it sat in my stash box.  And now I felt this was THE pattern for the fabric, since the huge back bow is kind of like butterfly wings.
The solid orange is not a quilting cotton.  I am not exactly sure, but it could be chambray.  I am not a fabric expert ;o  I got it from Hancock fabric clearance last year.    It is very soft and light-weight, which is great because the butterfly fabric has good weight.  The dress would have been too heavy if I used the same weight fabric for the lining.
I thought about what to do with this low V-cut view.  I prefer it to be brought up higher, but the bow will not look right if it does not meet at the "V" point.   Then I would have to make the dress in A-line and make the bodice and skirt in one piece.  And then if that is possible, I will have to install the zipper...just too much to think about, so I decided not to try ;o
Spring is just too short, and soon it will be too hot here.  But for now, we love to go out enjoy what the nature offers :)

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  1. What an eye-catching dress! It's beautiful and it looks fun to wear also.

  2. Beautiful dress. Her skin, the color of the fabric and the bright blue bell fields make it almost painting like. So after reading your post I was interested where the pattern was listed, so I asked one of the designers that had worked on it originally and she pointed me to its new home. http://www.etsy.com/shop/AudreyTiffany
    Great work.
    With Love,

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  4. Oh Annie, this dress is so beautiful and I love the pictures with wild flowers! Here we still have some snow and I'm missing spring and summer, the sun shine! So these pictures were just perfect, they gave me so much joy!

  5. How gorgeous!i love your photos, absolutely stunning. That back bow and flounce us tricky but the dress is SO worth it! And I love her boots:)

  6. Beautiful dress! I don't think we much used the zipper either.

  7. You just make the cutest dresses for that lucky little tike. I used to do the same when my daughter was little, and then she became a teenager...

  8. Such a lovely dress Annie, the patten is amazing :) Great work..

    Thanks for linking up..

  9. Love everything, the pattern, the color, your cute daughter and your amazing photos. Amazing.


  10. Wow -- this dress so really something! My almost three year old would never take this off :)
    I used this fabric for the curtains in my older daughter's room, and it's so fun to see it on a beautiful dress. Thanks for spreading the word about this pattern.

  11. Awesome photos, Annie!!! I think the very first time I came across your blog, you had included photos taken in a field of flowers. A lovely dress with just the right amount of twirl factor.

  12. Your photos are so beautiful! And the dress is so, so pretty! I love the design.

  13. I fell in love with this dress, but I'm wondering about the zipper. Do I need to put one in or is there room to get it on with no zipper? My granddaughter is 4 but fits more like a size 2.
    Thank you for any input,

    1. As you can see, the dress has the deep V cut in the back, which enables my daughter to wear it on/off without the zipper. I have heard 2 others say the zipper was not necessary. My daughter wears 5T in commercial clothes, but her chest size is 3T in many sewing patterns. Maybe you should make a test dress to see the fit? Hope this helps!



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