Sunday, April 12, 2015

Green Ume Cappuccino Tunic for Me!

Lately I am more interested in sewing for myself.  After sewing the last Cappuccino dress, I knew immediately I wanted to make another one.   

So the new Cappuccino Dress (pattern here)...I made a tunic version this time.  I picked this very light weight sheer fabric from my stash.  The flower print could be...cherry, peach, or plum blossoms.  I am not sure, but I feel like they are plum(Ume) blossoms, so I am calling that ;)   It is see-through, so I lined it with cream color lining fabric.  I could not have made the Cappuccino dress pockets with this fabric, so I went with tunic version, and added extra inches to the length, as I like my tunic longer, like a mini dress.

So while I was sewing this, Momo saw it and asked if that was for her...  she was disappointed to know it was not.  She said she liked the fabric, which was a surprise.  I did not think she would, and that is why I used it for myself.  She said she wanted something for herself I checked the leftover fabric.  I did not have much, so I decided to make a raglan top with sheer fabric panel front and back, which I sew the tutorial here.  I had just a enough leftover to make this...
...complete failure.  ;o

I used the serger to sew the side seams, and I actually cut into the bodice and the sleeves with the serger. So they were trimmed much narrower...which was not too bad, because it still fits Momo.  But what does not work is the is HUGE.  I used one of those free raglan T-shirt patterns, and cut size 4T.  I was so distracted by the trimmed side seams and was not paying enough attention how wide the neckline  is large enough to swallow Momo's shoulders... ;o  If the pattern was for a peasant top to install elastic around the neckline, it  should have been fine, but as a raglan just does not work.    I thought about replacing the neckband with elastic casing.  But Momo was not so thrilled to see this top, and I am afraid even if I fix it, she will not wear it.  I don't think she really meant it when she said she liked the fabric...I think she just thinks everything I sew should be for her ;o
So my tunic...I am not completely happy with it either.  I adjusted the front a bit to fit me better, but doing so moved the shoulder seam line to front.  Also one of the sleeves looks wonky.  The sheer fabric was not easy to sew frays a lot and moves around.   I regretted my fabric choice while sewing...I thought I should have just made a simple scarf or something out of this fabric.
I still love the pattern though.  I am hoping the third time will be the charm, and planning to adjust the fitting differently next time.
The photos were taken by Momo again.  The day at a park started out fine...both of us cameras in hand, we enjoyed taking the photos of flowers.  But by the time I asked her to take my photos, she was not into it because she wanted to play...her sloppiness shows.  But what more can I ask from a 5-year-old... ;)

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  1. I LOVE your tunic, Annie!!! The fabric is GORGEOUS and the style just perfect to wear with leggings. What a shame about the t-shirt, though. If Momo had liked the fabric, it would have been worth it to unpick the neckline.

  2. Oh, what a beautiful, beautiful fabric - and that green colour <3 So perfect for spring/summer! Those black details give it a very elegant look. I think Momo is very good at taking pictures !What a pity her t-shirt didn't turn out the way it was supposed to.

  3. Lovely tunic Annie, great patten and colour :)

    Thanks for sharing..

  4. With women's wear, the 3rd time really is a charm because sometimes it takes that long to get the fit just right. I'm often too lazy to mess with it! But a successful garment is so much sweeter after you've put the work in. I think your tunic looks lovely, I don't see any issue with the sleeve so I doubt anyone but you will know. It's a lovely print!
    As for MoMos little top, what if you added a skirt to leggings? You could hem the leggings into shorts and add a skirt just under the waistband.

  5. I think it looks really cute on you--can't wait to see what you come up with 3rd time around! And the little raglan was such a good idea for Momo--bummer about the neckline. I feel like I always have that problem with raglans!

  6. That's a beautiful tunic for spring and you look fantastic! It's a shame that so many of the truly pretty fabrics are such a pain to work with. The end result though looks like a success to me.

  7. I love the fabric and it looks so pretty on you! ;-)

  8. So comfortable - I love tunics over leggings and find that even Nanny can wear them! :)

  9. That's such a lovely top, and the choice of fabric / pattern is great. I can see myself wearing that because I'm a busy mom and basically have to run everywhere but still want to look great. Btw, I noticed you have a great pair of shoes on - they look comfy too!

  10. Love your fabric.. That green, the lovely print and black just go so well together.The tunic turned out just great. I couldn't spot any issues..
    Adult clothes are still an issue with me, the fit and stuff, I wouldn't have the patience to work with the same fabric for three or four times:/
    So I stick to making clothes for my daughter, hoping that she likes whats being made :)

    So sweet of your daughter to take such lovely snaps!

  11. What a lovely fabric and the top looks good on you. Your daughter is a great photographer, even if she wasn't into it that day ;)



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