Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Skirts for Skirting the Issue 2015

July is the month for Skirting the Issue is an online event hosted by Simple Simon & Co.   Free skirts patterns and tutorials are offered at their blog throughout the month, and we the readers are asked to participate by sewing up skirts and donating them to the girls in foster care.  Those 3 skirts are my contributions.  Hope they help break the record 1000 skirts this year!

 Those two skirts are made with this free skirt tutorial: Flat Front Skirt Tutorial -Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom 
I had this twill like fabric and thought making the entire waist gathered with elastic would be too bulky.   With a quick search I found this great tutorial.  It still uses elastic on the back, so the fitting is forgiving and it is great for donating.  I made the largest size I could make with the fabric I had, and ended up making two size 8 skirts. One of the skirt has narrower band because of my cutting mistake, but the lost length was added to the main skirt.
 This layered skirt is about size 4T, which was again the biggest size I could cut with the fabric I already had. This is based on the "Double Skirt" from a Japanese sewing book.
While I referred to the book for the design and the sizing, I did not follow the instruction.  I skipped the side seams and separate waist band to save time, and made the elastic casing between the skirt layers.

All those skirts were quick sew, but it took me forever to get started.  I had some projects I wanted to finish first, and I was not managing my time well.  And as I mentioned before, I started the sewing room makeover and all my supplies are stacked up in the corner of our dining room...actually they are taking up more than just a corner ;o  I pulled out some fabric to work on the projects I have in mind, but it is hard to go through the stash fabrics right now.  Those fabrics I used for the skirts were on top of the stash pile, already been pre-washed, because I wanted to use them for something...well they became the skirts for Skirting the Issue 2015 ;)  I have not decided where to send them yet, but I will be picking one from their donation center list.
I only sewed 3 skirts this year.  But hopefully next year I will be in  a better place, time and room wise, to sew more!

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  1. I love them all, especially the double layer skirt. I would've skipped the seperate waistband too! I'm really excited about your sewing room makeover...I'm sure you are overwhelmed now but it will be worth it. And in the meantime you have made some little girl or girls very happy!

  2. I have made some things for donating too. I think it's a great way to help. My favorite of these skirts is the one from the Japanese pattern book, it's really pretty! The sewing room makeover sounds very interesting. Me and my machines and fabrics just moved from downstairs to upstairs. It was a hard work but now I'm very pleased with the result :)

  3. I love all of the fabric mixes! I just got word from my friend who runs a foster clothing charity that my skirts arrived in Oregon--phew!

  4. So darling! I love the fabric combos! Thank you so much for sewing along with us!



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