Monday, May 15, 2017

Poppy Summer Dress for Little Momo

Momo's new dress...Poppy Summer Dress!

I am sewing less these days.   Main reason is the lack of and everyday life consume my time, and there isn't much left for mommy's hobby time.   Another reason is that Momo doesn't wear dresses as often as used to.  She prefers to wear T-shirt and jeggings during the week, and I buy those at stores as they are cheaper to buy and I don't really have desires to sew them.    And since Momo is growing slowly, her clothes sometimes last 2 or 3 we are not in a need of new dresses.  But recently I got rid of several of her dresses, as some have gotten too short and some she rarely wore.  Summer break will start in few weeks and I had sewing itches, so it was time to sew a new summer dress!


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